WST Green Policy

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle…

We recognise that our work has a social and economic impact on the local, regional and global environment. Therefore, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices and endorsing environmental initiatives with our customers and travel partners. As we are an ABTA member we follow their advice on how to make our business more sustainable.

Here are some of the areas where we comply.

 Waste reduction:

  • We promote the use of our online app to customers which eliminates the need to carry paper travel documents and reduces physical wastage.
  • All purchasing decisions actively take account of the environmental factors involved in production, use and disposal of products.
  • We only use external waste removers who are licensed and offer appropriate documentation.

Energy and water saving:

  • We believe that energy production consumes valuable non-renewable resources and causes massive pollution. We reduce our energy wherever practical and monitor our on-going usage to remain as energy efficient as possible.
  • We limit the use of single-use plastics and provide reusable water containers to employees and selected school groups.


  • Our environmental policy aims to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions by encouraging sustainable principles to travelling.
  • We advise institutes on how to mitigate their carbon footprint while travelling, enabling groups to make sustainability choices appropriate for their group.
  • We offer advice to schools on sustainability issues and relevant resources to promote in the classroom prior to travel.

Hygiene, Health and Safety:

  • We conform to all relevant legislation and acknowledge our employees need for an acceptable working environment, which includes green working practices wherever possible.
  • While conforming to legislation, we acknowledge our staffs’ needs for an acceptable working environment and include green working practices wherever possible.

Take a look at the infographic below from ABTA which provides some practical ways you can make your next trip greener. Alternatively, contact us for more information on our sustainable working practices, or visit our blog for more inspiration on ‘travelling green’ with a school group.

Source: ABTA/Make Holidays Greener.