Science School Visits & Tours

We have a range of destinations available for those studying Science & Technology.

Our Science experts Tracey & Shirley will guide you through the range of visits to help you choose those most suitable to the syllabus and topics which you are studying. They will help you maximise your time in destination and you’ll get the best value for money. 

You can speak to Shirley on 01253 441929 or Tracey on 01253 441910 or contact them via email:


Shirley Stones (1)

Shirley Stones

Specialist Travel Consultant

With over 30 years’ experience working in travel, Shirley’s expertise and attention to detail has enabled her to thrive as a Science & Technology trip specialist.

Shirley's Top Tip

“If you're planning a trip to Geneva, its really important that you book your CERN visit directly with them. The dates for guided tours come available 9 months in advance and there is always a rush these tours."

Contact Shirley on 01253 441929

Tracey Thornborough

Tracey Thornborough

Specialist Travel Consultant

Tracey believes that learning outside the classroom has huge advantages and is driven by her experience of travel. She has a wealth of knowledge that means she can plan a tour to suit the needs of you and your students.

Tracey's Top Tip

“If you let us know which topics are of most interest to your group, I can help you choose the best study visits to enhance your London Science experience."

Contact Tracey on 01253 441910