Psychology and Sociology School Visits & Tours

We have a range of destinations if you're studying Psychology or Sociology

Our Psychology & Sociology expert Shirley will guide you through the range of visits to help you choose those most suitable to the syllabus and topics which you are studying. She will help you maximise your time in destination and you’ll get the best value for money. 

You can speak to Shirley by telephone on 01253 441929 or contact  via email:


Shirley Stones (2)

Shirley Stones

Specialist Travel Consultant 

Shirley appreciates your busy schedule so will listen to any requirements you have in order to provide the right information and a tour to suit you, first time. She is passionate about attention to detail so that once you are ready to send your deposits you can be sure all your requirements are taken care of.

Shirley’s Top Tip

"If you’re taking a trip for the first time, London is an ideal visit for Psychology & Sociology students. It’s familiar and close to home to make it a short trip. And there’s an amazing range of study specific visits and workshops to choose from that will help you meet your key objectives." 

Contact Shirley on 01253 441929