History School Vists & Tours

We plan our History visits to focus on key topics from the curriculum and give students the opportunity to learn about major historical events. We aim to give them an understanding of the past and encourage them to empathise with people from history. Louise is highly experienced in organising History trips and will work with you to build a trip that will inspire students.

You can speak to Julie (telephone: 01253 441912), Louise (telephone: 01253 441930) and Paul (telephone: 01253 441911) or contact via email: history@wsttravel.com

Louise Barker (3)

Louise Barker

Specialist Sales Consultant

Louise’s professionalism and willingness to deliver exceptional History trips mean teachers are confident from first contact right through to enjoying the tailored trips.

“All our guided tours in Krakow are delivered by expert graduates in the Holocaust or Jewish Studies.”

Contact Louise on 01253 441930