Next Generation Travel Loyalty Scheme

We are delighted that trips are now coming back into the school calendar. However far you travel, we know that a school trip can provide your students with a unique experience that will improve their learning and ignite a passion for their subject, but just as importantly, give them important bonding time in a different environment and help them to develop the confidence and skills that they will take forward with them through the rest of their school life and beyond.

At Next Generation Travel we believe it’s important to reward those of you who regularly choose from our wide range of trips with WST, Anglia Tours, Study Experiences, Sport Experience and FHT with a choice of bursary to suit your school needs.

We know that supporting the wellbeing of your school community has been and continues to be a major priority in returning back to regular school life, but this can also be a challenge financially. It may also be time consuming for you to find new ideas and services to support the work you are doing daily in your schools. So, our loyalty scheme will support you with this.

How Can You Qualify?

If your school takes 4 overnight trips with Next Generation Travel from Sept 2021 to December 2022, you can choose from:

1. Character First Bronze Subscription

We have partnered with Character First , a company that delivers character development programmes into schools. We will give you a Character First Bronze Subscription worth £1000. This will allow you to select 6 wellbeing and character building experiences for your students. You will be able to choose from experiences such as a bushcraft day, yoga session, role model visits or even tailor make your own experience. Take a look at the range of experiences available to you HERE

2. Next Generation Travel Wellbeing Bursary

If you already have your wellbeing plans in place, then you can choose this option, to further support the incredible work you already have in place.  We will reward you school with £1000 to spend in your school. You may want to use it for equipment, fund a breakfast club, use it as money off one of your trips with us or towards tailor making your event in school. It’s your choice to use this money for the benefit of your school and your students as you wish.

What if your school takes more than 4 trips with Next Generation Travel within the timeframe?

First of all, thank you for your loyalty and entrusting us to provide you with these unforgettable and inspiring school trips. You can be sure you will enjoy the consistently high standard of service that we have become well-known for. 

The great news is that the more trips you take the more you will benefit. With every additional 4 trips you book in an academic year you will qualify to increase your subscription benefits with Character First or increase your wellbeing bursary. Here's how your benefits will increase.

4 x trips = £1000
8 x trips = £2000
12 x trips = £3000

Primary Schools 

We recognise that its very unlikely for a primary school to take 4 trips in one year. So, if you would like to benefit from our scheme, you can team up with your local cluster of primary schools to take a total of 4 trips between you and you can share the bursary experiences.