Letters and Templates

When you book a school trip with WST, we’ll ensure that you’re fully supported from start to finish. As well as helping you with your itinerary and bookings, we’ll also be available during your school trip to address any unexpected issues that may arise. Take a look at all our documents and templates below and see if you can use them to help with your school trip planning.

WST support

At WST, we go above and beyond to ensure you are fully supported throughout your school tour. Not only do we have a 24 hour emergency response service, but we also provide local support to help you while you’re away. Our local agents know their destinations inside out and are there to offer you any additional assistance you may need. They can meet you at the airport, guide you to your accommodation and accompany you on your excursions. Find out more about our partners by reading our local support guide.

Giving parents peace of mind

It’s not uncommon for parents to have concerns about their children’s safety while they’re away. However, by booking your school trip with a fully accredited school tour operator like WST, you can be sure that your school trip adheres to all the safety regulations, and that there is additional support on hand. The guide below can help you address some of the common queries parents have before a school trip.

Managing risk

School trip risk assessments are a key part of booking your tour. Although they may sound daunting, there’s lots of help available to ensure you’ve made all the necessary safety checks. Take a look at our guide to managing risk on your tour for help completing your school trip risk assessment.

Contacting parents

When approaching parents about the prospect of a school trip, it’s important to provide them will all the information they need to make a decision. Our school trip letter template will help ensure you’ve covered all the key points, as well as giving them some insight into the school tour operator you’re choosing to travel with.

Keeping on top of payments

Once you’ve booked your school tour, you can use our payment planner spreadsheet to help you keep track of payments. It allows you to record who’s paid what, document pupils’ spending money and view your expenditure summary and schedule.

If you’ve got any further questions about school trip safety or giving parents peace of mind while you’re away, take a look at our school trip safety FAQs, or get in touch with one of our school travel experts.

Nici's Expert Tip

Many of the West End shows have education packs which offer some really useful teaching ideas for before, during and after your visit to a show. We’ll send you these packs to download.

Top tip from Nici, our Specialist Theatre, Drama & Performing Arts Expert