WST believes in flexible service to meet your school’s needs

25 April 2014

At WST, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and organisational skills when it comes to planning the perfect school trip, but more than that, what sets us apart is our dedication to adapting plans to each class’ individual needs.

WST put a personal touch at the heart of all our trips, because we know that being able to speak directly to an expert is the best way for teachers to convey what they want their pupils to get from the trip. This one-on-one approach also helps WST understand and account for the specific requirements a school might have, working around any challenges that would otherwise stand in the way of students getting the trip they deserve.

In particular, WST have been able to accommodate schools’ financial constraints, putting together affordable tours and devising instalment-based payment schedules. We pride ourselves on this co-operative approach, and have been rewarded with grateful feedback from teachers at schools like Rhyddings Business and Enterprise School in Lancashire, who comment:

“This is the BEST experience of learning outside the classroom I have led in many years; it’s essential that schools and their providers work as a team; WST “get” this and were completely in tune with my objectives and the profile of my school.”

As we believe no child should miss out on the opportunity to experience learning away from the classroom, WST also offer a fifty per cent discount on two additional assisted places with every coach trip of 35 students or more. This option is designed specifically for students with particular considerations, including disability, and has enabled WST to come through for students in unfortunate circumstances, such as those whose parents have recently been made redundant. 

In fact, WST see it as crucial that we are able to react quickly to unforeseen hurdles such as illness or extreme weather to prevent them from impacting on the quality of your school’s trip. Take the case of St. Aloysius College, who unexpectedly had to stay on in New York when the city was hit by a hurricane; WST’s committed team were on hand to rapidly arrange last-minute accommodation for the group’s extended stay, with staff reporting:

“We had a great trip despite the hurricane changing our plans. I cannot thank WST highly enough for all their help and support.”

Get in touch with WST’s team of friendly travel consultants to find out more about how we can design a trip that’s right for your school.