WST join the Jet2 roadshow at Cardinal Wiseman School!

23 November 2017

At WST, we are pleased to have partnered with Jet2holidays to bring you the chance to win the Ultimate School Trip for your class! You and your class could soon be enjoying an incredible weekend trip to the magical Sol Katmandu Park & Resort in Majorca next April. But that’s not all, there’s also £45,000 worth of funding up for grabs too! You can visit the Jet2 website to find out more about the competition here.

On Tuesday 21st November we got the train down to Cardinal Wiseman School, in Coventry, to join in on the Jet 2 Ultimate School Trip Roadshow. The aim of the roadshow is to try spark some creativity within schools whilst explaining more about their amazing competition. The staff at Cardinal Wiseman were thrilled to have the Jet2 roadshow take place in their school. From the moment we arrived there was a buzz of delight as something exciting was about to happen for the students.

Whilst waiting for Jet2 to set up, we got the chance to speak with Mrs Morris, a senior member of staff.  When asked what she thought about the competition and Jet2 coming into the school she replied

“It’s fantastic; it really is a unique opportunity for the students. If we manage to ignite even one spark of creativity it will have been a success.”

It was very clear from looking around the school that they encourage creativity amongst the students. From the inspirational quotes painted on the wall, to the mosaic of the school name, to the fantastic artworks done by the students themselves. 

Once the roadshow began the students could not contain their excitement! The Sol Kathmandu Resort had brought along their animation team and their giant furry mascots which the students were delighted to see.

Following this the legendary Dick and Dom appeared on stage! The students were start struck.  They did a quick Q&A with the students and bounced around some ideas for competition entries. Some of the responses were poems, posters, slideshows, videos… once student even said he was going to create “a sick rap” (his words).

The team explained more about the fun learning activities and games that will be available on the trip. They even got the students involved in some singing and dancing. 


The confidence of the students really shone through. It was heart-warming to see them so enthusiastic. Mrs Morris said...

“Most of these students have never even been abroad so the chance for them to win something so special is huge for them”. 

School trips help to create some of our best school memories. Inspirational locations, learning outside the classroom and the joy of travelling with your best mates all make school trips magical.

It was great to meet everyone at Cardinal Wiseman School. The students were very well behaved and enthusiastic and the teachers were very welcoming. We look forward to visiting more Jet2 Roadshows across the UK over the next few months!

If you’re interested in entering the Ultimate School Trip competition you can register here.