Top apps for teachers to use in the classroom

18 September 2014

While many school students are already accustomed to technology-enabled classrooms, teachers continue to incorporate digital learning innovations into their teaching styles. There are so many apps for teachers released every month that even the most tuned-in educator would have a difficult time processing and utilising them all.

The WST team have compiled a list of some of the most noteworthy apps available that can support the teaching process in a variety of subject areas and for a range of learning stages.


Teachers, if you are looking for an app to create engaging and exciting presentations for your classes, then emaze is perfect. This helpful tool couldn’t be easier to use: all you need to do is choose one of the templates to begin creating an amazing presentation that will be sure hold your students attention. As it is a cloud based presentation app, you can access your presentations from anywhere online and edit them on any computer, laptop or smartphone.


Kahoot is a game-based classroom response system ideal for schools and universities that encourages participation through game-based learning and works best in a social setting like a classroom. Open Kahoots on screen at the front of the classroom and ask students to join through their own personal devices to create a real-time learning environment. As students are logged in via their own personal devices, they can take control of their own learning and ask questions about content. Teachers can get an overview of the current knowledge levels throughout the room and can adapt their lessons accordingly.


It comes as no surprise that a chalkboard full of paper question cards will do little to hold a class’ attention. FlipQuiz was created to provide educators with a quick way to create game-show style boards for tests and quizzes in the classroom. With FlipQuizquestions are displayed on screen and boards are saved for later use. Combined with an exciting design style, students are more likely to be interested and stay engaged with the test process.

My Storybook

My Storybook lets children write, illustrate and publish their own stories online. It is a great app for teachers to use in their classes, as it offers a variety of story templates and prompts for fun and memorable lessons.


eduCanon is an online learning environment used to create and share interactive video lessons, which allows teachers to customise existing online content to the needs of their students. Teachers can begin with any type of video such as YouTube or Vimeo, and transform it into an interactive experience for students. Online content can be easily segmented into digestible components, increasing student engagement and allowing teachers to monitor their students’ progress. It can be used as a 1:1 tool, within a classroom environment or to assign homework.


Figuring out who is going to sit next to whom, and which pupils need to avoid each other when working in groups, can be a head-ache at the start of each new school year. The Seat Charter app for iOS, lets teachers create their dream seating plan – easily moving pupils around a virtual classroom until the correct mix is sorted.

Slice Fractions

Teaching fractions to primary level students may seem daunting, as the concept can be very difficult for some young learners to grasp. The newly released app ‘Slice Fractions’, compatible with both iPad and Android, carefully helps to build confidence by using a game to attract young learners, encouraging players to slice blocks of lava or ice to allow the mammoth character to continue his journey. To start to understand the fundamentals of learning about fractions, players do not see any numbers until the second stage, allowing them to become accustomed to the game before the numerical element is introduced.


Squeebles offer a range of apps to help teach Maths and Literacy skills in primary education. A great example is the Squeebles Spelling Test, which allows teachers to set up completely personalised spelling tests for pupils, giving them the opportunity to practice in a fun, interactive way.

The First World War Story

With many schools commemorating and exploring the history of the First World War in its cenentary year, BBC History Magazine have released an iPad app filled with key events and personalities of the ‘war to end all wars’. Perfect for history teachers, this app provides a multimedia guide to the origins of the war, the major battles, life in the trenches, the home front and the uneasy armistice, in the form of in-depth articles, imagery and audio lectures. 

Are there any apps that you would recommend? Let WST know on Twitter to share your suggestions with our online community of teaching professionals.