Useful social media applications for a school trip - WST

20 November 2013

Are you looking to use social media to document a school trip on the go? WST Travel has compiled a list of the most useful apps for educational professionals to share their tour experiences away from the classroom.*


Both WordPress and Blogger have applications for iOS and Android, meaning that you will have the opportunity to update your blog with regular news from your school trip. Both apps offer the potential to upload photographs and videos too. If you want to experiment with a newer format, Tumblr is also an intuitive platform for short blogs.

Note taking

Evernote is a free application that enables you to store text, images and voice notes on the cloud. These files can be accessed anywhere via a computer or mobile device; it’s a very useful platform for saving information for later reference. Dropbox is also an excellent file-sharing application if you want to save and access information on the go.


Audioboo is an application that enables you to record small soundbites and publish them directly to the web; perfect for sharing information from guides or feedback from students. The app also lets you post directly to Twitter and Facebook. Soundcloud is a similar platform for recording and editing sound files on the move.


The iMovie app on iOS is a comprehensive tool to edit video on your phone. It has a simple interface and gives you the opportunity to upload a video directly to YouTube. Migisto and Viddy also provide similar features and work across both Android and the iPhone or iPad. It may also be worth looking into Vine and Instagram video in regards to creating short pieces of video content.

Do you have your own favourite apps for documenting school trips? Share them with us on Twitter at @WSTSchoolTravel.

*Please be aware that roaming charges from your mobile phone provider may apply when travelling abroad. We’d recommend checking you have access to free WiFi before using any app.