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30 July 2014

Shakespeare Quiz

William Shakespeare is widely acknowledged as the greatest writer in the English language. As a result, no high school English curriculum is complete without a healthy dose of the iconic William Shakespeare. We sniggered immaturely at the character ‘Bottom’ in Midsummer Night’s Dream, we gasped and recoiled at the ending of Hamlet and we shed a tear when watching the film adaption of Romeo and Juliet. The lucky ones even got to go on school trips to London to see Shakespeare’s work.

Shakespeare’s plays have everything you need from romance to tragedy and violence to gore. But while his plays are widely known, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding him and his work. He has been credited for inventing more than 10,000 words, though experts suspect the real figure is probably approximately a thousand, many of which we still use now. Here we test your knowledge on the Bard.