The best apps for teachers on modern foreign language trips

19 August 2015

Apps offer students and teachers the opportunity to enhance their learning experience during a modern foreign language trip. WST present the top apps for teachers looking to utilise mobile apps during a visit.


Entrain has been developed by researchers at the University of Michigan. The app provides users with a bespoke plan to combat jetlag by adjusting lighting schedules. According to the app's makers, it will help you or your class 'adjust faster to new time zones and schedules'.

WiFi finder

If you're in need of an internet connection without incurring data roaming charges, this app locates the nearest venues offering free WiFi. An offline mode also allows you to download maps of major cities before travel.

Google Translate

Google offers a comprehensive translation app, offering a real-time dictation service which translates (and speaks aloud) words and phrases. Users can also use the camera mode to translate text, such as signs, on their phone screen.

XE Currency

The XE Currency application is able to convert every currency available. The app works in real time to offer live exchange rates and also runs without an internet connect, so you calculate the cost of items without incurring roaming charges. The app has been downloaded on over five million occasions.


A useful app which detects the UVI rating of your current location and recommends when you or your class need to apply sunscreen.


TripAdvisor offers reviews of art galleries, museums and national attractions from tourists from around the globe. If you're keen to discover hidden gems for your class tour, this may be the app for you.

*Please be aware that roaming charges may apply when accessing apps on your mobile phone abroad.