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7 May 2014

These days it seems that everybody is embracing the digital revolution. With more and more UK-based primary and secondary school teachers cropping up on Twitter, we wanted to collate 40 of the most brilliant and intelligent feeds for you to follow.


Primary School Twitter Teachers


Peter Richardson


UK Primary School Teacher interested in leadership, innovation and collaboration.

Follower count: 7,000+


Jackie Schneider


Primary school music teacher

Follower count: 4,000+


Sarah Prentice


Senior teacher & SENCO at small rural primary school in Suffolk

Follower count: 3,000+


Andy Ross


Teacher in a Northwest primary school. Likes technology, Apple, teaching, beekeeping (beginner!), camping and running (barefoot)

Follower count: 600+


Matt McChlery


Primary school teacher, webmaster, blogger.

Follower count: 400+


Claire Thompson


Primary school teacher, currently working as a TA

Follower count: 100+


B Matthews


Primary School Teacher and Dad of two children

Follower count: 200+


Gertie Grumbles


Primary school teacher, tes, Primary Teacher Resource Centre, web SATs resources, Real ale lover, morris dancer, bell ringer... now retired!!

Follower count: 100+


Joanne Roach


Head Teacher of a large inner city Primary School in Handsworth, Birmingham. Tweeting about issues that matter to our school community.

Follower count: 100+


Sophie Moore


Primary School Teacher and ICT advocator at Robin Hood Primary School, Leeds

Follower count: 70+


Tim Bliss


Primary school teacher

Follower count: 80+


Justine Sutcliffe


Primary school teacher

Follower count: 70+


Teresa Smale


Dedicated Primary School Teacher

Follower count: 60+




Primary school teacher, interested in technology and coding

Follower count: 60+


Michael Corner


Primary School Teacher, Builder of websites, Creator of Videos

Follower count: 50+


Omar Rabia


Primary School teacher, riding instructor and published author of the book 'Cobs Can!'

Follower count: 50+


Mrs Wainwright


Yardley Primary School Class Teacher and Leader of Learning for Science

Follower count: 50+


Rupert Loader


Primary teacher; interested in web software for schools; databases; web development for literacy and ICT

Follower count: 40+




Primary School Teacher and Crafting Enthusiast!

Follower count: 40+


Rob Hackett


Year Six Teacher and Maths Team Leader at Warden House Primary School

Follower count: 40+



Secondary School Twitter Teachers


Alastair Arnott


Lecturer in Education @wlv_uni. Author of 'Positive Failure'. Ph.D Student. MSc (Pos Psych). Secondary school teacher for 10 years

Follower count: 23,000+


Michael Tidd


Sussex middle school teacher & education geek

Follower count: 6,000+


Chris Williams


Teacher/consultant working with @dmandrews15 in nurseries, schools, colleges and universities

Follower count: 3,000+


Andrew Blair


Teacher of inquiry maths in secondary school, promoting student regulation of the learning process; leader of a maths department; PhD student (King's, London)

Follower count: 1,000+


Mary Moore


High school teacher trying to fit in running around a life

Follower count: 900+


Kerri Thomas


Maths Teacher in Afon Taf High School interested in SEN, Dyscalculia, MAT

Follower count: 800+


John J. Taylor


Boarding School Housemaster. Teacher of Classics & English. IB / Jazz / Poetry fan

Follower count: 500+


Dai Barnes


ICT teacher/leader. Google certified teacher. Moodle user. Frog user. Computing At Schools. Barefoot running

Follower count: 5,000+


Nick Dennis


History teacher/Deputy Head at Berkhamsted School. Apple Education Mentor. ISC ICT group member

Follower count: 2,000+


Greg Perry


ICT and Geog teacher for the rest of the week in a West Yorks secondary

Follower count: 1,000+




Teacher of Computing at the High School of Glasgow

Follower count: 1,000+


Katie Ashford


Teach First ambassador, secondary English teacher currently working at ARK Schools, blogger

Follower count: 800+


Fran Lee-Davies


English teacher in Hackney secondary school, interested in class blogging and experimenting with social media and CPD

Follower count: 800+


Hanna Shute


A secondary school English teacher, hoping to share resources and innovative teaching methods

Follower count: 700+


Adam Cooke


Geography teacher at Stretford High School

Follower count: 600+


Ash Glaser


Secondary School Teacher

Follower count: 600+


ICT Tower


ICT teacher in secondary school, interested in resources for inspiring and teaching students

Follower count: 600+


Mike Elliott


Secondary MFL Teacher (German and French) and Subject Leader for French at leading Bucks Grammar School

Follower count: 500+


Sue Graham


Head of MFL in 11-16 comprehensive school

Follower count: 500+


What do you think?

Are these 40 of the best Twitter teachers or do you know someone else who should be on this list? If so, we’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to get in touch via the WST Twitter feed.


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