Take a trip to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in Iceland

17 September 2015

Often known as the Land of Ice and Fire, Iceland really lives up to its name with its numerous volcanoes and impressive glaciers. From whale watching to swimming in the popular blue lagoon, Iceland is sure to be filled with plenty of activities suitable for your pupils. Add to this a visit to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula also known as ‘Iceland in Miniature’ because of the many national sights that can be found in the area and you’ll be sure to capture the attention of your class.

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Only a couple of hours drive from Reykjavík, this is a must see attraction whilst in this beautiful country. Made famous by French writer Jules Verne, as the setting for his novel, ‘A journey to the Centre of the Earth,’ the region is filled with inspiration from Viking history, artists, musicians and writers alike.

Set in the west of Iceland, Snæfellsnes Peninsula is one of few places in the country with golden and pink beaches, stretches of lava fields, amazing gorges and waterfalls and quaint towns, each of which has got its own museum. Why not visit the Shark museum where you’ll even get to taste one as part of Icelandic cuisine?

The area surrounding the Peninsula known as Snæfellsjökull has been designated one of the four National Parks by the government of Iceland, with the famous glaciated cone-shaped volcano sitting almost at the region’s western tip. Last erupting almost two thousand years ago, at 1,446m, the three-pronged snow-capped peak dominates the skyline making it a truly memorable experience for your pupils.

In addition to its characteristic glacier, you can find spectacular mountains and volcanic craters, lush valleys, and unique harbours in charming fishing villages. Local fishing villages and small towns on the northern shore include Arnarstapi, Hellnar, Rif and Grundarfjörðu to name a few.

Plan your school trip to Iceland

When it comes to finding a school trip that offers pupils a chance to learn, have fun, and unwind, Iceland really does have it all. If you’re thinking of planning a trip to the west, this is usually a longer day lasting up to 12 hours with groups either staying in Reykjavik or closer to the daily excursion option. Our specialist teams first hand experiences of Iceland make WST ideally placed to create and deliver an exceptional trip to this fascinating destination. 

Our hand chosen local guides are highly knowledgeable and we believe the best in Iceland. If you wish to maximise the Geography content of your trip even further then we can provide a UK based Field Studies Guide to accompany you, who has experience of the sites and the UK curriculum.

With so many attractions in Iceland, schools will be spoilt for choice. Not only will pupils return home with memories that will last a lifetime, they’ll also learn some valuable lessons that can help their studies back in the classroom. To learn more about the best places to visit during a school trip to Iceland, please get in touch with the team at WST. or request a quote today.