Plan your Geography trip to Sicily

5 February 2016

From adventure days scaling Mount Etna to the spectacular coastline and volcanic landforms, Sicily is a destination your students will want to discover more of. Not to mention the appealing Mediterranean climate that it has to offer.

Guided Mount Etna Adventure Day

Sicily is home to Europe’s highest and most active volcano, Mount Etna, meaning that your class stands a good chance of seeing volcanic activity first hand. Taking your students 1900 metres above sea level, before embarking on a cable car and alpine tour taking them to heights of 2900m, this exciting adventure day will wow your students from start to finish.

This excursion provides budding Geographers and Geologists with an abundance of discussion points throughout the day and is one that they are sure to remember. 

The Volcanic Islands of Lipari and Vulcano (Mid- March to Mid-October only)

Hop on board a mini cruise at the Milazzo Harbour to reach these two volcanic islands. First stop is Lipari ringed with several small communities and a 16th-century castle towering over the main town.  After exploring the town, you’ll head to Vulcano, the natural spa island, with bubbling mud pits, black volcanic beaches and geothermal waters.

If you’re looking to explore this island in more detail, you can set sail directly to Vulcano Island for a day exploring. Your group can walk up the Fossa cone, the most recent volcano which last erupted over 100 years ago. The walk entails several active steamy fumaroles and extensive sulphur deposits on the way to the top, creating a truly memorable experience.

The island is perhaps equally famous for the bubbling mud baths, which are based on natural hot springs which many groups chose to enter for a small fee.

Strait of Messina and Tindari Lake

The Strait of Messina is the narrow passage between the eastern tip of Sicily and the western tip of Calabria the south of Italy. At its narrowest point, it measures 1.9 miles in width and is known as the ‘linguetta di sabbia’ (tongue of sand) which stretches 1.5km into the sea, defiantly resisting the destructive, relentless raids of the Tyrrhenian. Raised about 4 metres above sea-level at its highest points, it creates a lagoon area offering a fantastic viewpoint for your group focusing on the fundamental importance for biodiversity and marine ecosystems.


Etna Land Theme Park

If you’re planning a trip to Sicily between April and November, it won’t be complete without a trip to the award winning Etna Land Theme Park. Offering both a theme park and a water park option, why not enjoy a day’s visit to this popular Sicily attraction? We can even arrange your coach to drop you off and pick you up.


WST support in Sicily

Our staff's passion for travel and enhancing students' education by allowing them to learn through experience is second to none and is highlighted by our willingness to go the extra mile and delight our customers whenever possible. Our specialist team can assist you in tailor-making a trip to suit your exact requirements.

Our expert local guides are available to accompany you for as little or as much of your trip as you wish.  They are highly experienced in working with educational groups and have vast knowledge of the sites we offer our groups.

See how we can help plan your Geography trip by calling our Geography specialists today on 01253 441900, or request a quote today!

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