How Do School Trips Help Students' Career Prospects?

31 January 2014

How An International Perspective Benefits Pupils’ Career Prospects

As ever-improving technology draws the world closer and closer together, it has become more important than ever for young people to demonstrate an international perspective when searching for a job.

Experience of travelling overseas is a key indication to employers that a candidate has a sense of independence and the ability to quickly adapt to new situations. Even for students who aren’t looking for a career with an international focus, these are transferable skills that can be applied to many different professional situations and display a willingness to learn.

As for those who do take an interest in a job with international scope, it is vital to be able to show an understanding that each country has its own unique customs and ways of doing things, and failing to respect them can cause major problems. Young people who have travelled are more likely to appreciate this, not to mention the fact that connections they may make while abroad could come in useful in establishing a career.

Language skills are another key area where travel can boost a pupils’ chance of successfully landing their dream job once they leave school. The government’s business department has estimated that the UK loses around £48 billion a year because of inadequate language skills, creating a real need for multilingual employees.

Within the private sector, businesses need to be able to communicate with international partners for a number of reasons; to arrange exports, co-ordinate between national branches of an international organisation or encourage international investment, for example. For charities and the public sector too, languages can be crucial for landing many of the top roles, from managing foreign aid schemes, to representing the country on a global scale as a UK diplomat.

With over 30 years experience in the education travel sector, WST recognises that the value of school trips can extend far beyond the enjoyment of the visit. With the growing need for graduates to see beyond UK borders, educational trips have the power to put students on a path to their future vocation, delivering skills pupils will rely upon to launch a career in later life.