Everyone deserves the chance to travel | The winner is announced

Wednesday March 15, 2017

It was a very close competition and we were delighted to see how many schools embraced the chance to win this day trip, with nearly 4,000 individuals taking the time to vote.

The results are now in and the winner is Newman Catholic School! Congratulations!

Newman Catholic School Students Receive The News That We Are The Winners!

Based in Cumbria, Newman Catholic School has had a tough year since the school building was devastated by Storm Desmond on 05 December 2015. Mary Brookes, the Examinations Officer, was motivated to enter the competition explaining how difficult life has been at the school since the flood.

 Newman Catholic School 1

“When I saw the competition I had no problem coming up with an idea as to why Newman Catholic School’s students deserved to win.  It is over a year since our school was destroyed as Storm Desmond battered our county.

The building was flooded with contaminated water, up to a height of 7ft, destroying books, IT resources, art work, technology projects and our newly built sports hall. No department escaped unscathed. The building was unusable, so we have been moved to a temporary location, in a former primary school on the edge of town.

Our pupils have had to put up with an enormous amount of upheaval and have had to be very resilient. One year after the floods, we still don't know where or when our new school will be built. I think our pupils deserve this trip, for all that they’ve had to put up with.”

Once they found out they were shortlisted the teachers in the school worked hard to generate votes from students and parents. They also generated a buzz in the local community with their own social media and a number of ex-teachers spread the word around Cumbria.

The teachers at Newman Catholic School will now decide on 40 lucky students to go on this exciting trip. Mrs Brookes says this will be a difficult task and they will be looking across the year groups selecting students based on effort, positive behaviour and attendance. With over 600 students in the school it may come down to pulling names out of a hat! 

For a lot of the students this will be the first time they will visit London, particularly to see a show and many have a real interest in theatre and performing arts. This year the school is working on a production of Annie. They perform each year in the Shakespeare Schools Festival and have a very active school choir who are to perform shortly in a local music festival.

We look forward to following Newman Catholic’s trip down to London this summer to see these students Defying Gravity!

We would like to thank everybody who entered our competition. We had the pleasure of reading some fantastic and heart-warming stories of the great work pupils are doing in schools in terms of studying, fundraising, development, inclusion and positive behaviour.