The best of British Science Week: What to do with your students

Tuesday February 28, 2017

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An annual celebration of all things science-related, including technology, engineering and maths, British Science Week is a great excuse to further engage your students in and out of the classroom. Taking place between 10th – 19th March 2016, this educational and exciting festival has events happening across the country, providing an interactive, dynamic and captivating way of learning.

At WST, we arrange exciting school trips that will engross, fascinate and excite science students. Offering external learning opportunities where your pupils can get involved with various projects, investigate and use their initiative, British Science Week turns learning into a fun and memorable experience. To show you alternative ways of engaging your students during British Science Week, we’re showcasing some of the best events you can book.

Archaeological Science

13-16th March 2017


A hands-on activity, students can partake in an archaeology dig of Flag Fen’s indoor simulated pits, or explore the water chemistry needed to preserve such a site. Each experience comes with a captivating tour of the area, where school groups can learn about its history and further their learning in historic, archaeological locations.

Virtual Reality and Theatre

11th March


As virtual reality becomes a popular technological advancement, students can experience its potential in exploring the world, for theatrical and performing arts purposes. Transporting pupils into several habitats, from scuba diving in Indonesia to exploring the threats of the rainforests, these workshops will not only highlight the future of technology, but showcase Earth’s environments without travelling far. Pupils will also have the chance to meet a coral reef scientist!

Want to find out more about the learning opportunities available in London for science students? Explore our itinerary for science school trips to the capital!

Bristol Science Film Festival

14th March


Run by the team behind Bristol Bad Film Club, this special event for British Science Week will highlight the scientific inaccuracies in 21st century films, focusing on one specific screening. Extending pupils’ learning into the geographical landscapes and materials, the session is a fantastic way of engaging your students yet referencing interesting, modern resources. Unbreakable metal and the obliteration of global landmarks – can you guess the ‘bad’ film?

Science Week Creations

15th March


Nothing brings home the subject of science more than giving your students the chance to make their own creations. The truth is, to explore reactions and the relationship between substances doesn’t have to mean playing with chemicals. It can, in fact, be done using everyday objects. This session, taking place in Runcorn, will demonstrate how to make a lemon battery and a dancing snake. Students can also explore electro dough!  A thought-provoking, science-led session with a creative outcome.

In Context: How Do We Remember

16th March


What is memory? And how do we use it? All will be revealed in this fascinating workshop, led by Professor Martin Conway. An expert on human memory, pupils can listen to the thoughts and facts from a lecturer who has spent over three decades studying the topic, in this eye-opening and intriguing session. Using members from the art and theatre departments, Martin will show how humans remember, explaining the process, function and role of memory both creatively and practically.

With plenty of exciting, fascinating and stimulating events taking place for school students, participating in British Science Week is easy. If you want to find out more about how to engage your students outside of the classroom, contact a member of our team today about a school trip that’s tailored around your curriculum.