Wednesday May 4, 2016

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Why have we created TRIP HQ?

Over the years we have spoken to many teachers and in recent times the one thing at the top of your wish list is the need for a secure area online where you can store and share information for your trip. Most importantly, you'd like to keep the parents updated whilst you're away, give them more information about what they are getting for their money and let them see how the trip will enrich their child’s development.

In this fast moving digital age it is becoming more important to provide people with information quickly and easily. 

We are now delighted to announce that all WST customers will be offered their own TRIP HQ, an online information hub, unique to your trip.


What does TRIP HQ do?

  • It’s easy to access via the WST website by using a secure password for your trip.
  • Your own page is populated with information we think may be of interest to you, your students and parents – including videos, images, blogs, resources and key information ranging from what to pack to safety policies.
  • WST will continue adding news and information on a regular basis
  • If you have any resources, blogs or worksheets you’d like to share we’ll put them on for you
  • Tour diary facility that you can update each day on your trip, including an area for pictures


What are the benefits of TRIP HQ?

  • Parents can have access to learn more about what their child is up to
  • When the parents have more information there is a stronger likelyhood that they will sign their child up for the trip - boosting your numbers
  • You have a central area to store and share useful information, resources and inspiring stories for your trip
  • You spend less time researching as we do it for you
  • You spend less time sending letters home – you can set up a text group to parents to let them know when there’s new content for them to view
  • The online diary means the parents can check in every day to see what you’ve been up to on the trip
  • Students can view inspiring stories and resources to generate interest, talking points and research topics before the trip goes
  • It’s secure with a unique password for your trip – no-one else can access it
  • You can use content to help promote the same trip the following year

If you'd like to find out more about TRIP HQ  please call our team today on 01253 441900. Customers can look out for their log in details coming soon!