WST pick their 5 favourite museums to celebrate #MuseumWeek

Tuesday March 29, 2016

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1 - Victoria and Albert Museum
On your next trip to London take a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum, the world's greatest museum of art and design. With highlights including the Medieval Renaissance galleries, the breath-taking William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery and the stunning British Galleries, this beautiful museum represents over three thousand years of human creativity. 

Top tip from Nici, our Specialist Art & Design Expert: “The major London art galleries have excellent educational departments which offer themed guided tours and workshops. Ask your Tour Operator for more information.”


2 - The Anne Frank Museum
Home to an incredible 75 museums which attract around seven million visitors every year, Amsterdam boasts some of the most historical artefacts in the world. When planning your next history trip, make sure the Anne Frank museum is on the top of your to-do list. An unmissable visit for any history student, the museum provides a personal account of the pivotal era. Visitors are given the opportunity to see exactly how the Frank family lived, with rooms such as the ‘Secret Annex’ and Otto Frank's former office having been maintained in their authentic state giving a real sense of the atmosphere during the hiding period. 


3 - The Guggenheim
As one of the world’s leading artistic hubs, artists, designers and creatives gather in New York to share new ideas, showcase their work and absorb the inspiration that this city provides in abundance.

Located on the exclusive Upper East Side, the Guggenheim is visited not just for its exhibitions of impressionist, post-impressionist, early modern and contemporary art, but also for its iconic building which is known as one the 20ths Century’s important architectural landmarks.


4 - The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
The Vatican Museums and the official residence of the Pope occupy part of the palaces and are home to one of the most extensive art collections in the world including some of the very finest Greek sculptures and infamous frescoes by Michelangelo. A must see on your trip to Rome!


5 - The Museum Of Modern Art (MoMA)
Often seen as one the most influential museums of modern art, the MoMA offers a collection of both modern and contemporary art. The New York attraction is home to 150,000 individual pieces of work and includes iconic work such as The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh and Drowning Girl by Roy Lichtenstein. Its extraordinary exhibitions and collections fuel creativity, ignite minds and provide once in a lifetime inspiration.


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