WWI school trips to London and beyond

Thursday November 19, 2015

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In this post, we’ll review the best school trip options for history teachers, from lessons at the Imperial War Museum to the battlefields and beyond…

Day trips to London

Steeped in history, our very own capital city offers a rich insight into Great Britain during WWI. Touching on a number of relevant themes, from crime and punishment to medicine through time, London plays host to a wealth of locations that your students will benefit from visiting.

The Imperial War Museum in London specialises in coverage of conflicts involving Great Britain and the Commonwealth, including the First World War, offering specific sessions on top of your self-guided visit focussing on The Collections. These sessions for groups of up to 30 allow students to study the motion features, for example ‘The Battle of the Somme’ (1916), and how the film is useful as an historical source. The workshops also delve in to other aspects of WWI, such as The Indian Army and their involvement in WWI, The War in Africa and The War in Turkey, allowing students to produce a mini exhibition from their new found knowledge.

Overseas field trips

Alternatively, visiting the actual battlefields from any conflict is both a fascinating and moving experience. Longer stay trips to Ypres and The Somme allow your students to see first-hand the fields where fallen soldiers left behind their legacy and what the battlefields mean to us in the present day.

We realise taking students on field trips abroad can be a little daunting – but to experience this emotive site first hand will provide your students with holistic, integrated visual memories which can’t be replicated in the class room.

Trips to Ypres can transport your class to many different sites, whether it’s the ‘In Flanders Fields Museum’ located in the centre of Ypres, or the harrowing ‘Popering Death Cells’. On the other hand, Somme means your pupils can explore the harsh realities of the 1916 trenches via a series of tunnels, as well as visit the memorials for the Accrington Pals and The Ulster Tower. Whatever your requirements we can create a package that fits your learning needs.

WST’s Exceptional WWI Guides

Accompanying your students on arrival to departure from the battlefield region, our hugely knowledgeable WWI experts will truly enhance learning and deliver fascinating information at each site you visit. benefits include;

  • Pre trip contact to ensure we match your objectives
  • A wealth of information delivery allowing you more time to focus on your students and enjoy the sites
  • Educational evening talks/discussion sessions with your guide are possible in hotel meeting spaces. 
  • Free pre trip resources encouraging students to research local soldiers who fought, which the guides will then address on your trip.

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with a member of the WST team to learn more about how we can design a trip that brings WWI to life for your history class.