Truly memorable psychology trips to Berlin

Monday June 15, 2015

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From the formation of the Nazi Party, the tyrannies of World War Two, through to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the events Berlin has witnessed have all left their mark on the capital. As a result, the city provides a wealth of learning opportunities for students. Our vast experience of organising educational trips to Berlin means we are best placed to provide you and your group with a truly memorable trip. 

Introduction to Berlin Walking Tour

The walking tour covers all the major landmarks and key sights of the city such as The Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Alexanderplatz and Checkpoint Charlie. This is an ideal way to find your way around the city and we recommend this tour at the start of your trip.

Holocaust Visits

Berlin was once home to the largest integrated Jewish community in Germany. Key visits in and around the city will tell the story of persecution beginning in the early 1930s, cumulating in the events of the 'Final Solution'. Our expert tour guides can deliver a fascinating walking tour, covering the brainwashing of a nation during the rise of Nazism to the control methods, propaganda and persuasion dogmas of the Nazi regime.

Holocaust Memorial 

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is now a prominent site of remembrance in the centre of Berlin. The memorial can be visited 24 hours a day and there is also a visitor's centre open during daytime hours.

Students can also visit Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. One of the earliest concentration camps, a tour around Sachsenhausen tells the story of its origins, highlights conditions in the camp and discusses its liberation through a series of exhibitions in the buildings. 

Other trips include visiting the Otto Wedit Museum. During World War II, visually impaired broom and brush maker Otto Weidt employed many Jews in his workshop. This museum is dedicated to him and is administered by the German Resistance Memorial Centre Foundation. It tells Weidt's story with archival photos and interviews with some of those he saved.

Classes can also take a guided tour of the exhibits at the Jewish Museum which look at life for Jewish people before the war, while also exploring their experiences during the Holocaust.

Nazism and The Third Reich

The German Resistance Memorial Centre is a permanent exhibition covering the struggle against Nazism.

Located on the site of the former Gestapo HQ, Topography of Terror, is an exhibition covering the central institutions of the SS and its system of terror. 

Why not take your students beneath the Gesundbrunnen Ubahn station for a tour below the city's streets which shows the hidden world of Berlin via a series of underground tunnels. This visit offers an insight into life in Nazi Germany and takes you to explore one of the last remaining WW2 bunkers, as it was left after the war. 

The Cold War & The Fall Of Communism

The Berlin Wall 

It is essential to see the remains of the Berlin Wall when considering the fall of Communism. Remains of the Wall can best be seen at the East Side Gallery or Bernauer Strasse. This is an ideal location to view the wall and is now an open-air exhibition explaining the history of the construction. 

DDR Museum

An interactive museum which not only focuses on the politics of East Germany, but gives a fascinating insight into what it was like to live behind the Iron Curtain.

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