Five books for teachers to read over the summer holidays

Tuesday July 7, 2015

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For many teachers, the summer holidays provide the opportunity for reflection; a chance to recharge their batteries and look back on the previous year. For some, the holiday offers the prospect to invest in their own learning. Many will be using their time over August to absorb new strategies and approaches before the term starts in September.

With this in mind, the WST team have collected a selection of their best summer reads for those teachers keen to expand their own horizons during the holidays.

The Gigantic Book of Teachers' Wisdom

This is an encyclopaedic collection of knowledge from teachers across continents and centuries. The book, featuring advice from the likes of Socrates and Helen Keller, provides readers with inspirational food-for-thought for their return to the classroom.

100 Things Awesome Teachers Do

This number-one bestseller offers a number of ideas for teachers looking to engage their students. The work has been praised for providing a number of innovative and fresh approaches that can be applied across a number of different subjects.

Teaching Outside the Box: How to Grab Students by Their Brains

This study by Lou Ann Johnson highlights how teachers can utilise their experiences and teaching styles to inspire students. It explores ways in which educators can apply their personal strengths to motivate their classroom for the lessons ahead.
Letters to a Young Teacher

This book, written by leading educator Johnathan Kozel, explores the joys and challenges of a 'beautiful profession'. The work comprises of a series of letters highlighting inspirational stories and thoughts from one of the United States' leading minds in education.

The Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher

This book approaches teaching as an art, rather than a science. Written by Gary Toward, the guide focuses on a number of techniques for teachers to adopt during their lessons in order to engage their classroom. 

If you know of any other great books for teachers we’d love to hear from you on Twitter.