20 Phrases to Use on a School Trip to France

Monday July 20, 2015

French Language Phrases

French is currently one of the most popular languages in the school curriculum with over 168,000 pupils sitting French Language GCSEs each year.

Unsurprisingly, France is also a popular school trip destination for those studying the language. Whether they’re climbing the Eiffel Tower in Paris or exploring the Christmas Markets in Lille, there’s so much to do in this diverse and cultural country.

A school trip to France is a great opportunity to brush up on your language skills. The Montparnasse Tower in the capital, for instance, has numerous interactive facilities enabling pupils to practice their prose. Students may also enjoy a guided tour of le Stade de France from a tour guide, or challenge their friends to name every creature in the Nausicaa Sea Centre.

Although French school trips offer pupils the opportunity to learn new words and phrases by experiencing French culture first hand, there a few key phrases that every student should know before visiting the country:


English Translation

Parlez-vous anglais?

Do you speak English?

Oui, je parle anglais.

Yes, I speak English

Je ne parle pas bien français.

I don’t speak French very well.

Je ne comprends pas.

I don’t understand.

Peux-tu répéter cela?

Can you repeat that?

Pouvez-vous traduire pour moi?

Can you translate for me?

Est-ce que je peux vous aider?

Can I help you?

Oui, merci

Yes, thank you

De quoi avez-vous besoin?

What do you need?

J’ai besoin de renseignements

I need information

Je suis perdu

I’m lost

Où est l’hôtel?

Where is the hotel?

Je ne sais pas.

I don’t know





Au secours




Comment allez-vous?

How are you?

Bien, merci

Fine thank you

Comment vous appelez-vous?

What is your name?


WST is a school trips company that provides schools with trips to some of France’s most popular tourist destinations. Whether pupils immerse themselves in French culture at the Notre Dame or visit the small family run bee museum, Musée de l’Abeille, there are so many activities that can enable them to improve their language skills. 

If you’d like to learn more about school trips to Paris, Lille or the Opal Coast, please get in touch with the team at WST.