5 Reasons Why French School Tours Are Important In Learning French Language

Thursday August 20, 2015

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Classroom learning is of course a crucial part of mastering a new language. Whether pupils are reading French stories, using online resources to listen to key words and phrases, or writing sentences down themselves, there are a variety of ways in which pupils can improve their abilities while in a school environment. However, for teachers looking to help pupils take their talents to the next level, a school trip to France cannot be beaten.

Interact with local people

During a school trip to France, pupils will be able to interact with local people and advance their communication skills. Whether they’re ordering food in a café, asking someone for directions, or talking to a museum tour guide about the country’s history, pupils will be able to put everything they’ve learnt in the classroom into practice.

Increase confidence in speaking.

By practising their French on a school trip, pupils can build their confidence and develop their passion for the language. When talking to local people, they’ll soon understand how the phrases they learn in school can help them to communicate with people from all walks of life.

Develop skills in natural & encouraging environment.

Not only can pupils use this experience to practise their speaking skills, they can also spend time listening to others who have used the language all their lives. Some pupils may be in for a surprise when they hear French being spoken by such confident speakers and it may be a challenge to keep up with the speed. Pupils may also pick up some French colloquialisms while on the trip.

Appreciate the French culture

Whether they visit Paris, Normandy, Lille, or the Opal Coast, on a school trip to France there are so many attractions to explore. Students could visit the Montparnasse Tower to practise their French on the interactive facilities and they could see a variety of sights such as the Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe and Nausicaa in Boulogne. Students will also be able to sample different dishes that they may never have tried before in the UK.

By going on a trip that is ATOL and ABTA protected, schools can ensure that their trip is in safe hands while focussing on having a great time and appreciating the French culture.

Learn transferable skills

As well as improving their language prowess, pupils could also use their trip abroad to build relationships with classmates, gain experience of being away from home and learn transferable skills that can be used in their future careers. For students that have never been outside the UK before, a school trip to France is bound to be particularly exciting as they start to explore another part of the world for the very first time.

If you’d like to organise a school trip to Paris, Normandy, Lille or the Opal Coast, WST may be able to help.

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