Planning your school psychology and sociology trips in London

Tuesday November 25, 2014

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Psychology and Sociology can be some of the more difficult subjects to engage pupils with. Without offering a hands-on experience or insight into these subjects, the topics can be quite complicated to really understand.  

WST offers a variety of quality educational talks, tours, and workshops around London, perfect for taking your Psychology and Sociology learning out of the classroom. Providing you with access to experts in their field, these trips can be tailored to your groups’ requirements and study levels.

Freud Museum Tour and Discussion Sessions

Freud's famous psychoanalytic couch is still preserved at the centre of this museum, just as it was during his lifetime. On Mondays and Tuesdays, a guide will escort you around the museum and can provide your group with tailored discussion sessions based on pre-set worksheets across a range of psychoanalytic topics. Self-guided audio tours are available Wednesday-Sunday, which last around 90 minutes (a guide can be requested subject to availability).  

The Royal Courts of Justice 

The behaviour behind crime and deviance is an important topic within Sociology. Bring your classroom’s learning to life with a visit to the Royal Courts of Justice; Britain’s most prestigious working courtrooms. There are a wide-range of learning experiences on offer, including a two- hour session in a working court room, encouraging pupils to discuss and debate sentencing options. Students will also be able to prepare and debate for an appeal case while exploring the different roles within a court room.

Other crime and deviance visits include a trip to the National Archives to attend a crime and punishment workshop, the Tower of London to learn about ethical considerations of crime, and the Museum of London to help understand the evolution of legal punishment since Roman Britain.                    

Bethlem Hospital

A trip to London’s Bethlem Hospital is perfect for Psychology teachers wanting to take their studies out of the classroom. A visit to the hospital site offers immense value to Psychology and Sociology students, providing an insight into how a psychiatric hospital works and the people involved in the process, from both patients and staff. The on-site museum is open to the public, free of charge, offering a wealth of resources to support learning within group visits.    

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour

Students take to the streets of Spitalfields and Whitechapel to follow in the footsteps of the world’s most infamous serial killer in this walking tour. It offers an exciting 90-minute crime hunt through London’s Victorian East End to enter the mind-set of this infamous criminal.

Holocaust Learning at the Imperial War Museum  

This excellent exhibition is best explored with an audio guide, helping students navigate their way through a chronological narrative of the Holocaust to deepen their understanding of events in Nazi-occupied Europe and beyond.

Forensic Outreach Sessions

Explore the world of Forensic Psychology in these interactive 90-minute sessions which can be tailored to meet your own group’s requirements.

Ethics and Humanity * Exclusive to WST * - This unique, hands-on session in medical ethics will bring students close to the issues that are shaping modern science. Explore a range of ethical topics with one of our qualified instructors, from top-tier research Universities in London, who will be able to help your students navigate the blurred waters of ethical and unethical behaviour.

Other psychology themed trips

Other psychology themed visits include a range of exhibitions at the London Science Museum, and a visit to the Attenborough Studio at the Natural History Museum, where pupils can watch a 45-minute interactive film entitled ‘Who do you think you really are?’

A trip to the world famous London Zoo can also be beneficial, as students can explore why we consider certain animals “intelligent,” and the theories surrounding how animals learn.

We’d love to hear which of these fascinating attractions you plan on visiting; get in touch on Twitter to let us know.