25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Thursday November 6, 2014

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The city of Berlin will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on Sunday 9th November. The wall, which famously split the city from 1961 to 1989, became the iconic symbol of the Cold War. If you’re planning to commemorate the anniversary in Berlin, there are many exhibitions and events taking place across the city.

One of the main highlights, The Border of Lights, will be taking place this weekend; a temporary construction built with thousands of illuminated balloons, representing stories from the wall. In addition, white balloons will be released at six different locations after a performance by the Staatskapelle Berlin orchestra, commemorating the peaceful revolution of 1989. There will also be guided tours along the border of lights installation each day of the weekend.

Meanwhile, an open-air exhibition, '100 Wall Stories' will consist of exhibitions highlight life before, during and after the fall of the wall. Guided tours, souvenirs, concerts and viewing platforms will also be available at different gathering points along the exhibition, including the Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre, Brandenburg Gate and the East Side Gallery.

On Sunday morning, following a memorial service at the Chapel of Reconciliation, the permanent exhibition "1961|1989: The Berlin Wall" will be opened at the Berlin Wall Memorial and Documentation Centre.

A Berlin school trip offers students a fascinating and unique look at how a country once so divided has come to terms with re-unification. The city is alive with culture, eclectic museums, parks, lakes and forests that tell the story of this fascinating city but it’s only during a Cold War trip to Berlin that students are able to fully appreciate the impact this period had on the city. 

WST can offer trips to the Berlin Wall Documentation Centre, the central memorial site of German division situated on historical Bernauer Strasse. Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, dedicated to the legendary border crossing point, and the DDR museum; an interactive experience which not only focuses on the politics of East Germany, but gives a fascinating insight into what it was like to live in the East. 

A guided walking tour around Berlin is also a great way to understand the city’s past, present and future. WST can arrange half-day guided walking tours, tailored to suit your preferred study theme. The Cold War tour around the former East Berlin is particularly beneficial as students can take in the main locations from the height of the Communist regime and learn about the key events that led to the fall of the Wall. 

Teachers, how are you planning to commemorate the day in your school? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter if you have anything special planned.