Introducing the new WST website, where knowledge travels

Friday March 21, 2014

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At WST, we understand that when you’re a teacher, every hour in every day counts.

School trips can be a transformative educational experience for pupils, but an hour spent planning a trip means dedicating one less to supporting students in their learning.

We don’t want to see students missing out on the incredible effect travel can have on perspectives, character and understanding, but we don’t believe teachers should have to take time away from doing what they do best.

WST’s website has been designed with this one clear thought in mind.

Our mission is to be a place where knowledge travels, so it’s vital that the site transfers our school travel expertise to you in the quickest, simplest way possible.

To do this, we’re offering a much more intuitive way to narrow down to options that meet your class’ unique needs, including destination and subject requirements, to immediately display the trips that are right for your pupils.

And that’s where your job ends, because WST are happy to take care of the rest.

As you’ll see from our new Meet our Team page, WST is home to a number of dedicated specialists covering each subject area, who can advise on the most suitable destinations, travel arrangements and itineraries to provide an engaging educational experience. They’ve even shared a few expert tips of their own on the new site, since WST are committed to personally testing each of our trips on a regular basis to ensure they continue to meet our high standards.

We understand what it takes to arrange a trip pupils will remember for all the right reasons and are always on hand to share our expertise on any questions that might arise, which is why we’ve made it so easy to get in touch through the new site. Also, after over thirty years in the school travel industry, the WST team knows how to navigate the rules and regulations that can be so time consuming for teachers to tackle.

We hope you‘ll be inspired by our new site and look forward to helping your pupils discover the wonders of the world around them.