WST takes an exciting step into the world of psychology at the ATP Conference

Friday July 4, 2014

As an experienced educational travel provider, WST are always looking for innovative ways to help students learn, and we have a particularly big announcement for this week.

On Friday, we’re joining the Association for the Teaching of Psychology Annual Conference, where we’ll be discussing some captivating new school trip opportunities for psychology classes.

The ATP conference is a chance for teachers and lecturers from across the country to come together for a packed three-day schedule of workshops exploring the ever-evolving psychology curriculum. With topics ranging from motivation techniques and classroom technology to syllabus developments and critical thinking, this really is one of the foremost events in the psychology teacher’s calendar.

Of course for WST, the most important topic on the agenda is the increasing importance of educational trips in psychology. While in the past psychology hasn’t offered students the same opportunities to learn away from the classroom as more mainstream subjects, there is a growing demand for trips in the sector.




Answering this call, WST have spent months researching workshops, attractions and tours to put together a comprehensive collection of the most engaging psychology trip schedules available. Our new psychology trips will cover a range of subject themes and take place in diverse global locations.

For UK tours, this is a chance to bring psychology alive through a hypnotherapy workshop, come face to face with a live tarantula to uncover the science of fear or delve into the field of criminology at London’s courts. Further afield, students can explore ethical debates and the psychology of tragic events through educational Holocaust tours in Krakow and Berlin or discussions with those involved in 911 in New York.

It’s an exciting time for WST, knowing we will soon be organising these once-in-a-lifetime class trips, and Friday’s conference is a chance for teachers to discover just what is on offer.

If you’re heading to the ATP event too, drop by the WST stand to say hello, help yourself to one of our cupcakes and chat to one of our friendly travel experts to learn how WST’s tours could enhance psychology teaching for your class.