Planning your school psychology and sociology trips further afield

Tuesday December 16, 2014

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WST offers a variety of Psychology and Sociology trips within the UK, but if you’re looking on taking your school further afield, there are many more places to plan your trip, from Berlin and Krakow to New York City. 

Berlin and Krakow

A guided walking tour around Berlin is a great way to understand the city’s past, present and future. WST can arrange half-day guided walking tours, tailored to suit your preferred study theme.

The walking tour covers key historical sites of central Berlin, including the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate area and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It also covers the Jewish district including the Holocaust Memorial, Otto Weidt Museum and the Neue Synagogue. Expert tour guides will discuss the issues surrounding the brainwashing of the nation during the rise of Nazism to the control methods, propaganda and persuasion dogmas of the East German government.

Krakow is also an ideal location to analyse the mistreatment that took place during this time and study the many questions that the Holocaust raises in terms of morality and persecution.

A 3½ hour guided visit with an official Auschwitz guide is essential for school groups visiting the city. We also highly recommend meeting a concentration camp survivor at the Galicia Jewish Museum, as it offers a unique opportunity for students to engage with somebody who experienced the Holocaust first hand in order to fully understand what life was like at this time and their views today. It is quite simply something that your students will remember forever.

New York

WST offers schools a comprehensive and enriching experience of New York City, encompassing a number of exciting educational visits. Groups can uncover the psychological scars left on the city following the 9/11 attack, or learn about NYC’s cultural history at sites such as the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. New York invites consideration of a range of topics including terrorism, immigration and memory. WST can offer a perfectly balanced trip for your school, incorporating some of the most famous tourist attractions with educational learning.   

The National September 11 Memorial Museum

Opened in 2014, this museum serves as the principal institution for examining the implications of the events of 9/11, documenting its impact, and exploring the continuing significance of this tragic event. Guided tours and workshops are available, and the team recommend the workshop, ‘What happened on September 11, 2001?’ where students work in teams to examine 9/11, based on the experiences of first responders, survivors, and government officials.

The Power of Advertising with an Industry Expert 

A different approach to psychology is to examine how different techniques can influence decisions. This unique opportunity invites pupils to participate in a 90 minute session, meeting with a professional who works in Television Advertising on Madison Avenue; the home of New York’s advertising industry. Groups can explore how the latest industry techniques and technology can influence consumers’ decisions.

United Nations Building

A guided tour of the United Nations headquarters in New York can offer your students a behind-the-scenes view of this organisation at work, looking at the decisions regarding peace, justice and economic social well-being throughout the world.

The Tenement Museum: Immigration Options

Witness the experiences of 19th and 20th century immigrants from many different cultures and investigate universal themes of cultural identity, discrimination, and human rights. At this fascinating museum there are a variety of interactive sessions including ‘Meet the Resident’, a themed building tour, or a tour of the neighbourhood. These session help students to see, feel and experience the stigma around immigration first hand and explore the issues of cultural traditions and social lives where generations of immigrants learnt how to be "American."

We’d love to hear which of these fascinating attractions you plan on visiting; get in touch on Twitter to let us know.