Introducing WST phrasebooks

Tuesday April 15, 2014

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It’s a simple truth that the students who truly immerse themselves in local culture while abroad usually get the most from their learning experience, gaining a new perspective on the world around them.

Language can play a major role in this process, even for students where language learning isn’t the main aim of the trip, as they allow students to take in more of the world around them. From understanding signs, to being able to hold simple conversations in shops or cafes, basic language skills give young people the confidence to discover things about their surroundings for themselves. This independence helps students feel a greater sense of pride in their learning, keeping them engaged and interested as they explore Europe’s most incredible cities.

In fact, WST believe so strongly in the power of languages, that our team of specialist travel consultants even held a Modern Foreign Languages day last month, complete with traditional costumes and tasty European delicacies!

Now though, we think it’s time we shared our knowledge with your students, so as part of the travel community section of our new website, we’re launching a new series of online international phrasebooks.

Covering each of the regions visited by WST’s European tours, these miniature digital guides will introduce students to the basics of French, German and Spanish in bite-sized sections. Each new entry will provide ten phrases for students to learn before their trip in a fun online phrasebook format ready for teachers to share with their classes, focusing on a different topic each week.

To kick things off, this week we’re looking at essential French phrases for finding your way around, as a perfect taster for schools heading to Paris, the Opal Coast, Normandy or the French Battlefields this year.

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