School Trip Packing Guide

Whether you’re on holiday or on a school trip, there’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realising you’ve forgotten something important. And from travel documents and tickets to pairs of socks, there’s a lot to remember.  

So we thought we’d lend a hand. Wherever you’re headed, from a day trip to London to a school tour to Washington, our handy packing checklist will have you packed and ready in no time.

Things to take on a one day school trip

Thing to take on a one day school trip

What to bring on an overnight school trip

As well as the above packing list for school trips, you’ll need to take a few extra things for an overnight stay:

What to pack on an overnight school trip

What to pack for a school trip abroad

Whether you’re nipping across the channel to France or heading somewhere further afield, a school tour abroad demands more careful packing. Make sure to include everything on the ‘overnight school trip’ list above – and don’t forget your passport!

What to pack for a school trip abroad

Packing for the season

Heading on a geography trip to Snowdonia, or a Spanish trip to Barcelona? This checklist contains all the packing essentials for winter and summer travel.

But remember, there’s only one thing you can be certain about with the weather: its unpredictability. So be sure to pack for every eventuality!

What to pack for school trips

What teachers should pack for school trips

At WST, we have a whole school trip planning section of our website, designed to help teachers prepare for tours and adventures. It’s packed with useful checklists, including:

Teacher school trip planning resources

Top Tip: You will have access to the Vamoos travel app shortly before you travel with WST. This handy app will contain all your important tour documentation to support you and your colleagues throughout the day.