How to Write a School Trip Letter to Parents

When it comes to booking a school trip, there are countless things to consider and plan – it’s an exciting time for all involved. But, after you have gained approval from the necessary channels, there comes a time when you must start promoting your school trip to your students and their parents – after all, planning can only go so far without their buy in.

The most common way to spread word about an upcoming trip is to send a letter to parents. But what should you include, and how much information is too much?

To help, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide of how to write a school trip letter to parents. Take a look below for inspiration, including a downloadable school trip letter template.

Thing to include in your school trip letter

What are the benefits of a school trip?

The main aim of your letter should be to convey how enriching a school trip can be for any student.

School trips are a fantastic way for students to learn – seeing new sights and experiencing unfamiliar cultures can be a great way to stimulate the brain, while creating a memorable case study to aid their learning.

In your letter you could make parents aware of exactly how beneficial and enriching a school trip can be for students. This will help to build a case for parents to see the how a trip will aid their child in the long term.

The trip logistics

As with any investment, parents will want to know precisely where their money will be spent before making a decision on whether to send their child on a school trip.

To put parents’ minds at ease, you  can inform them of the logistics of the trip. Make sure to include the trip’s price, the dates, what the deposit will be, how many places there are, when a response is needed by, and a general outline of what the trip will include (if possible). Make sure to include which subjects or modules the school trip will be beneficial towards.

A slip  can be also provided along the bottom of the letter which can be filled out by parents to secure their child’s place. This will help to garner how many students would like to attend the trip.

Your school trip provider

Finally, when writing your letter, you should make an effort to introduce the school trip provider you have chosen. This will allow peace of mind for parents wishing to find out more about their child’s school trip. 

When introducing your school trip organiser, it is often beneficial to mention their point of difference. What was it that made you choose them? Put their minds at rest by confirming that the company has all the accreditations to keep their child and their money safe.  Your school trip organiser should be able to help you with this. If you are booking with WST, make sure to include information about Trip HQ, where teachers, parents and students can log in to keep up to date with various resources and information about your trip, both before the trip and during as well!

Is there an example I can use?

If you’re looking for help with writing a letter to inform parents about an upcoming school trip, then this example letter should lend a hand.

For more information around planning your school trip, make sure to visit the Tour Planning & Tools section of our website where you can find packing checklists, insurance documents, planning guides, post-trip classroom resources and much more.