School Trips for Theatre, Drama & Performing Arts

Staging a Perfect Performance 

Learning to express themselves with creativity, confidence and effectiveness not only provides students with superb skills in Drama & Performing Arts but also serves them well for life. Our trips provide a firm foundation on which to build and grow those skills in stimulating and challenging environments whilst following the key interest areas of:

  • Performance
  • Costume, make up and set design
  • Dance
  • Thematic content
  • Characterisation
  • Acting methods  
  • Shakespeare

We offer Theatre, Drama & Performing Arts Trips to;


Why choose WST for your Theatre or Drama & Performing Arts Trip? 

  • You deal with a specialist team highly experienced in organising Theatre, Drama and Performing Arts trips.
  • We keep you abreast of new and up and coming shows.
  • We have access to excellent group rates for theatre tickets, in the best available seats.
  • We can arrange theatre workshops that take place in West End Theatres.
  • We provide dance workshops with the very best professional in modern studio settings.
  • You're booking with WST who are proud to be the only school tour operator with a Government Standard Customer Service Excellence award! So you can be sure of not only the perfect tailor made tour for you, but exceptional customer service throughout the planning. 

Learning Outcomes for Drama & Performing Arts Students 

Creativity - Imagination and creativity are encouraged.

Construction - Students understand the elements of drama and how it is put together.

Comparative Abilities - They’ll be able to draw comparisons between the text and the play.

Confidence - Performing confidence is improved.

Career Opportunities - Students see a range of career opportunities that are available within the performing arts.