School Trips for Science & Technology

For students with a keen interest in science we offer exciting and informative science school trips that employ a hands-on approach to the subject.

Each trip is designed to help your students meet their learning objectives, and we can recommend destinations to suit your study topics. Our science specialists are passionate about helping to provide the best experience for your students and tailoring the science school tours around your curriculum.

We offer the following fascinating school trips for science:

Put science under the microscope

Home to the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments, the CERN facility in Geneva is a must-see for any budding scientist. Delve into the universe of particles as your students have the chance to confront the great questions of contemporary physics. Our science school visits create an engaging experience for students to explore the expansive role of science in the world around them.

Discover what’s out there

Scientists and humankind have been fascinated with space ever since time began. Seize the opportunity for your students to witness the largest refracting telescope on Earth, found exclusively at the Archenhold Observatory in Berlin. Here they will learn about the depths and complexities of the solar system and open up their eyes to some of the mysteries of the universe.

For students fascinated in man's journey to space, the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida is an unparalleled experience. Students will have the chance to tour areas of NASA while meeting with astronauts and viewing rocket ships. Each program provides an interactive and exciting experience that will bring space exploration to life.

Get stuck in

Create a dynamic atmosphere for your students with a range of practical workshops sure to set their imagination ablaze. The Spectrum Science Centre in Berlin hosts 150 interactive exhibits giving your students a hands-on experience to boost their independent learning. Closer to home, London offers gripping interactive sessions in the area of forensic science, showing the fascinating role chemistry and biology play within a crime scene.

Why choose WST for your science school trip? 

  • You’ll be put in contact with one of our science specialists who understand your learning objectives
  • We’ll tailor your tour itinerary to meet your specific study themes
  • We work with local science experts in each destination who have a keen interest and knowledge of the subject
  • We offer a superb variety of educational visit options according to which sciences match your classroom studies
  • We are proud to be the only school tour operator with a Government Standard Customer Service Excellence award
  • Not only do we tailor make each of our school tours, but you can rely on our exceptional customer service throughout the planning of your trip

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