School Trips for Religious Studies

Religious studies school trips allow pupils to delve into religion’s vast and varied history, as well as open their eyes to the impact of religion and ethics on the world around them. Whether seeking to comprehend the events of the Holocaust in Krakow, or endeavouring to follow the journey of Christians in Rome, your students will have the opportunity to learn about the impact of religion and how it has shaped the world today.

Our religious studies specialists are on hand to recommend the destinations most suited to your specific study topics and help craft an itinerary to meet your students’ learning objectives.

We offer the following captivating school trips for religious studies:

Delve into the religious persecution of WWII

Take the time to navigate the house of Anne Frank in Amsterdam and see how the Frank family lived while in hiding during World War II. Pupils can develop a deeper understanding of the Jews’ oppression throughout Europe, while uncovering Anne Frank’s inspiring story of resilience and bravery.

Students can also walk in the footsteps of Pope John Paul II and examine his spiritual and political journey around Krakow, where he ministered. Our tour specialists will be able to expand on the role of religion during these events and tailor their information according to your study topics.

Explore the influence of religion in Rome

Discover the influence of religion in art while exploring ‘the eternal city’ of Rome. School trips to this ancient city can include an awe-inspiring visit to the Sistine Chapel, where students can witness Michelangelo's famous ‘Creation of Adam’ - an unforgettable experience for any religious studies student.

Religion within war is another interesting subject for students to explore. The WWI Battlefields in Ypres and Somme offer a poignant experience for students, uncovering how soldiers’ faith gave them courage during perilous times.

Uncover New York’s religious diversity

As an expression of freedom, religious and otherwise, the Statue of Liberty coupled with Ellis Island in New York is an excellent place for students to learn about the American Dream and about the 12 million immigrants who came to America in pursuit of a better life.

Take a trip to Downtown Manhattan, to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum for a thought-provoking experience for your students. Discuss how religion deals with world tragedies and hear the stories of those affected by the attacks during your tour inside the museum.

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  • You’ll be put in contact with one of our religious studies specialists who understand your learning objectives
  • We’ll tailor your tour itinerary to meet your specific study themes
  • We work with local religious studies experts in each destination who understand your needs and best how to meet them
  • We offer a superb range of guided tours to enhance students’ learning experience
  • We are proud to be the only school tour operator with a Government Standard Customer Service Excellence award
  • Not only do we tailor make each of our school tours, but you can rely on our exceptional customer service throughout the planning of your trip

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