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School Trips for Psychology & Sociology

Psychology and Sociology Tours to Live Long in the Memory 

Teachers of these two fascinating subjects can now experience the exceptional tours WST deliver!  We have created exciting curriculum linked trips to enhance your classroom studies, which will be expertly provided by our experienced team.

Our consultants take a keen interest in the curriculum and with an intimate knowledge of your subject and destination can develop an itinerary driven by your study themes. 

We offer Psychology and Sociology Trips to;

Why choose WST for your Psychology or Sociology trip? 

  • You will deal with a specialist Psychology & Sociology team who understand your needs.
  • We offer a superb variety of educational visit options allowing you to choose the ones which match your classroom studies.
  • Your tour itineraries are tailored to your specific study themes.
  • We offer a superb range of guided walking tours to suit your study themes.
  • You're booking with WST who are proud to be the only school tour operator with a Government Standard Customer Service Excellence award! So you can be sure of not only the perfect tailor made tour for you, but exceptional customer service throughout the planning.  


Just a few of the Study Topics for Psychology and Sociology Students 

Psychopatholgy -  Expert speakers and visits to help explore and understand  the study of mental disorders and their treatment,

Living History - Really brings history alive with first-hand testimonials from people who lived through historic and tragic events.

Crime and Deviance - Court sessions, themed walking tours and forensic lectures combine to give an insight into criminal minds past and present. 

Visualisation - Many museums and sites have strong visual elements that help lock in key events.

Holocaust  - The eastern European destinations we offer provide the ultimate platform for these educational and emotive experiences which encompass a lareg range of study themes.

Immigration - From London's East End to New York's Lower East Side.  Our local guide experts and study visits provide a fascinating insight.

Terrorism and Tyranny -  New York's 9/11 memorial and museums allow students a understand these events further and even meet someone involved in the tragic day.  Berlin and Krakow's sites relating to the Nazi party are very popular too.