Maths School Trips and Tours

At WST, we offer a number of exciting maths school trips for secondary schools at home and abroad for budding mathematicians, with study visits designed to inspire, inform and further ignite their passion for the subject. Our internal subject specialists can help you design an itinerary to match your students’ current learning objectives, as well as recommend engaging maths trips in each of our fantastic destinations.

We offer the following maths school trips:

Uncover how maths has shaped the modern world in London

With so many fascinating museums and workshops to choose from, a maths school trip to London offers students a diverse range of study opportunities. The Winton Gallery at the Science Museum explores how mathematicians have helped shaped the modern world, while the British Museum Maths Education Session offers a fantastic interactive experience for students, with up to nine activities on offer in various galleries.

An hour and half outside of London, Bletchley Park, the home of World War II code breaking, is also a must. Maths school day trips here let students delve into the pivotal role the secret intelligence service played during the conflict, with workshops tailored specifically for school groups focusing on maths and computing.

Explore the maths behind Paris’ iconic architecture

Our experienced local guides can talk you through the mathematics behind some of Paris’ most famous monuments, including the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, making it a great way for your high school students to see the city. Maths trips to Paris also include visits to the City of Science and Industry museum, which features a mathematics exhibition covering three millennia of mathematical history, as well as the Palace of Discovery, which contains a number of interactive experiences and spectacular demonstrations to capture students’ imaginations.

Have fun with maths in New York

Home to the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath), New York Hall of Science: Mathematica and the Museum of American Finance, New York is a fantastic study destination abroad for maths students. The MoMath offers brilliant educational sessions which probe into a number of different mathematical theories, while Mathematica allows students to get involved in exciting, hands-on activities designed to captivate their attention. Why not finish off your tour with a visit to the Yankee Stadium or Madison Square Garden and get your students to try and estimate the stadium’s capacity?

Why choose WST for your maths school trip? 

  • You’ll be put in contact with our dedicated maths team who understand your requirements and aim to exceed them
  • As well as subject experts, we have tour consultants who specialise in each destination, our accommodations and transport options
  • Your tour itineraries are tailored to your specific study topics and we will combine education activities with popular local attractions
  • We are proud to be the only school tour operator with a Government Standard Customer Service Excellence award
  • Not only do we tailor make each of our school tours, but you can rely on our exceptional customer service throughout the planning

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