School Trips for Geography and Geology

​At WST, we offer geography school trips to a whole host of exciting destinations across the continent.

Europe is home to some of the most dramatic landscapes and diverse terrains in the world. From the cliffs of Cornwall to Iceland’s volcanic landscape and the spectacular coastlines of Sicily, there are plenty of fantastic opportunities to choose from, full of adventure and opportunities to learn.

But you don’t have to go it alone. Our in-house geology and geography field trip specialists can help you decide which of our destinations will best meet your students’ learning objectives, as well as work with you to design an itinerary which matches your study themes.

We offer the following unforgettable school trips for geography and geology:

Geography school trip ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your Geography school trip? Look no further. We’ve got ideas for school tours closer to home, further afield, and all within the same continent. Just keep on reading.

Discover Iceland’s dramatic landscapes

Home to epic geysers, mesmerising glaciers and dramatic volcanic landscapes, Iceland’s tectonic activity has formed some of the world’s most fascinating geography. With such a diverse range of geographical features, Iceland offers students a unique opportunity to study many natural formations in one place. Pupils can also experience Iceland’s geothermal activity by taking a dip in the Blue Lagoon, and if they’re lucky, may even get the chance to witness this spellbinding Aurora Borealis. 

Explore Europe’s volcanic regions

Iceland isn’t Europe’s only volcanic region, with Italy, Barcelona and the Canary Islands boasting some of the continent’s most impressive volcanoes. The Bay of Naples not only offers students the chance to study the infamous Mount Vesuvius, but educational tours also explore the preserved ancient towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum – an unforgettable experience for any budding geographers.

One of Europe’s highest volcanoes, Mount Etna in Sicily is also a fascinating case study, offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean coastline. The region is also home to the stunning Alcantara Gorge, a great opportunity to learn about the effects of volcanic lava on the natural landscape.

Uncover the UK’s geographical treasures

As well the wide range of destinations for geography trips abroad, there are great options for geography field trips in here in the UK. Snowdonia is the perfect geography field trip destination for those looking to stay a little closer to home. Journey to the top of Wales’ highest mountain to see incredible panoramic views over Snowdonia and study the vast landscape.

Geography school tours to the Eden Project in Cornwall also offer an experience unlike any other here in the UK. Explore the Mediterranean and Rainforest Biomes before getting involved in the Core building’s multiple interactive displays.

Why choose WST for your geography and geology school trip? 

  • You’ll be put in contact with one of our geography and geology specialists who understand your learning objectives
  • We’ll tailor your tour itinerary to meet your specific study themes
  • We work with local geography experts in each destination who understand your needs and how best to meet them
  • We offer a superb range of guided tours to suit your study topics
  • We are proud to be the only school tour operator with a Government Standard Customer Service Excellence award
  • Not only do we tailor make each of our school tours, but you can rely on our exceptional customer service throughout the planning

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