French Language School Trips

At WST we provide French school trips to a number of fantastic destinations. Each trip is designed to help your students meet their learning objectives, by diving into the culture and history at the centre of their studies – and of course, putting their linguistic skills to the test.

Our school trips for French language students are put together by our in-house subject and destination experts. From booking accommodation to recommending restaurants and attractions, we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

We offer French language school trips to the following destinations:

NEW - London

If you you prefer to stay close to home we have developed a French language programme that will still allow your students to develop their language skills without travelling too far. Take a look at French Language Trip to London for more information. 

E3 Trail

We are delighted to have teamed up with E3 Trails, the UK’s premier educational trail writer, to offer an interactive activity for language students. An E3 Trail is a journey of discovery which empowers students to engage in an enjoyable learning adventure whilst visiting the chosen location. Typically taking two-three hours, a Trail is a self-guided walk around many iconic sights of the location of your choice, punctuated with a wide variety of interesting tasks and challenges which your students complete in their teams. The competition element adds an extra edge to the activity as teams vie for the right to be declared the winners. The addition of an E3 Trail to your school travel itinerary will make your time abroad a truly memorable and rewarding experience. Currently available in Paris and London. 

Enjoy an utterly immersive experience

There’s nothing like spending time in a French-speaking country for improving your language skills. That’s why many of our school tours – whether it’s a walking tour of Paris or a flit round a chocolate museum – can be taken entirely in French. We also offer French Language Workshops, with listening and speaking sessions tailored to your key study topics by our expert team.

Bring the history books to life

Our school tours to France span thousands of years of history – starting with a visit to a genuine caveman village in the Loire Valley, and culminating with seeing the futuristic Large Hadron Collider at Geneva’s CERN. Students can also explore UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Mont Saint-Michel in Brittany, or tie their French studies with their history lessons at the Bayeux Tapestry in Normandy. With so many fascinating learning opportunities available, your students will be able to pick up some really specialist vocabulary, as well as consider interesting discussion topics for their oral exams.

Sample exciting new flavours

From Swiss chocolate factories in Geneva to snail farms on the Opal Coast, every one of our French school trips is packed with opportunities for students to get a taste of another culture. With tours of farms and museums available in English or French, students can learn about baking biscuits and bread, creating cheese and cider, and even farming oysters whilst sharpening their French listening skills. And thanks to the region’s bustling markets and cute shops and cafés, students can put their spoken French to the test too. Un croque monsieur, s’il vous plait.

Why choose WST for your French language school trip?

  • In-house French language specialists who understand your learning objectives
  • Tailored tour itineraries that meet your specific study themes
  • A broad range of specific learning resources from town trails to quizzes
  • We work with local language experts in each destination who have a wealth of knowledge of the surrounding area and culture
  • A superb range of guided tours to suit your study topics
  • We’ve won Best School Tour Operator two years in a row, as voted for by teachers
  • Exceptional customer service that you can rely on 24/7
  • The only school tour operator with a Government Standard Customer Service Excellence Award

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