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School Trips & Tours to the Christmas Markets

Students can enter a world of excitement and magic on a school trip to the bustling European Christmas markets. With the sweet aromas of delicious produce, freshly cooked delicacies and stalls featuring intricate native treasures, visiting one of these enchanting markets is a great way for your students to absorb the culture of another country. An excellent reward or enrichment trip, taking time out to explore what the festive season has to offer abroad allows your pupils to have fun in a vibrant, foreign environment - all the while offering ample opportunity to develop their foreign language skills and overall confidence.

At WST, we arrange school trips to the Christmas markets in the following destinations:

All of these destinations play host to charming Christmas markets and provide plenty of exciting things to do locally that will enhance your pupils’ time away.


Gingerbread Christmas

Located in France and close to the border of Belgium, the city of Lille offers everything you would expect from a traditional French haven, including a beautiful old town and busy shopping district. Lille’s Christmas market boast 80 wooden chalets selling stunning arts and crafts from around the world, mouth-watering regional specialities, and of course, your favourite festive treats. With bright lights and an abundance of festive cheer, visiting Lille Christmas Market gives your students a chance to relax, soak up what France has to offer and feel the excitement experienced during this jovial time of year. Exploring the stalls, shopping and enjoying the cuisine also means French language students will interact with local traders, enhance their listening skills and build on their knowledge in a vibrant environment.


Cologne Christmas Markets

For the ultimate Christmas retreat, is has to be Cologne, Germany. With an astounding seven Christmas markets in total, this busy city is transformed into a definitive Christmassy paradise, attracting millions of visitors each year. Wonderfully enchanting and idyllic, each area of Cologne’s Christmas markets provides an eclectic variety of foods and handmade paraphernalia from pretty, half-timbered stalls and little houses. The most popular Christmas market in Cologne takes place at Cologne Cathedral, which students can also explore, while the Alter Markt, at the heart of the old town, is also a must-visit zone.


 Aachen Christmas Markets

Crowned one of Europe’s top 10 Christmas markets, Aachen will not disappoint school groups. The little squares and quaint lanes surrounding Aachen Cathedral are given a full Christmas transformation - offering an enchanting hideaway of sweet-smelling treats, precious gifts and traditional German foods, such as gingerbread Spekulatius, Aachener Printen and potato fritters. The closest German Christmas market to the UK, travelling to Aachen can take as little as four hours, ensuring that school groups can make the most of their time away.


Uk Christmas Markets

If you’re looking for a festive school trip that’s a little closer to home, however, you’re in luck. The UK has an impressive collection of Christmas markets that rival those abroad, offering an assortment of gifts, foreign delicacies and local traders.

A city that never does anything by halves is Edinburgh. Their Christmas festival includes an authentic European Christmas market, held at East Princes Street Gardens, and a vibrant Scottish Christmas market, on West George Street. Wandering around this historic town and sampling a mouth-watering variety of foods is a great way to embrace the season and reward your students.

Part of the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, one festive bazaar we would recommend is Angels Christmas Market, London. With an ice rink and Helter Skelter, this thriving Christmassy epicentre is all about having fun, with lots of entertainment and attractions. Of course, there’s also over 200 traditional stalls selling an assortment of world cuisine and paraphernalia. At WST, we also arrange school trips to the Manchester Christmas Markets and Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market.

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6 reasons why you should arrange a school trip to the Christmas markets

  1. European Christmas markets engage your students in fun, enchanting surroundings.
  2. On a school trip abroad to the markets, students can develop their language skills and demonstrate everyday use of key phrases and words.
  3. Having the freedom to shop, wander the markets and explore what another country has to offer will grow the confidence of your pupils.
  4. With the decadent treats, vibrant atmosphere and festive things to do, visiting a Christmas market makes a fantastic reward trip for pupils who have worked hard throughout the year.
  5. School trips to the Christmas markets and are a low-cost trip, and parents have plenty of time to budget.
  6. Christmas school trips are easy to arrange. At WST, we can organise every part of your visit to the Christmas markets, including accommodation, travel and restaurant bookings – so you can enjoy this exciting trip away just as much as your students.


At WST, we are proud to be the only school tour operator with the Standard Excellence award, further cementing our reputation as one of the best in the industry. We take the hassle out of educational school trips, and plan an itinerary around you. If you would like to book a magical Christmas school trip for your pupils, simply contact a member of our travel team today, who will be sure to plan a tour to remember.