School Trips By Subject

At WST, we’ve been operating tours for over 35 years, sending thousands of students around the globe. Allowing your pupils to experience the subject matter first-hand provides them with an unparalleled insight into their study topics, enhancing their understanding, adding context and ultimately enriching their learning experience.

“As always, you have been really great. Even with the transition from one staff member to another, due to maternity leave, I still received the same level of professionalism & friendly expertise I have always received. I don’t even look anywhere else when planning a trip as the service you provide at WST is exactly what your brand promise says.” 
Blackfen School for Girls, November 2016


When searching for school trips by subject, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the fantastic destinations on offer for your study topics. That’s why all our school tour advisors specialise in specific core subject areas, allowing them to guide you, if needed, on which destinations will offer the best educational study visits to meet your learning objectives. One thing you can be sure of with WST is a professional and flexible approach. We will tailor-make your trip to suit your exact study requirements and budget. We offer numerous school trips abroad and in the UK for the following subjects:

If you’d like to search for school trips by age group, you can also view which destinations we offer for both primary and secondary school students:

As well as having specialist advisors for all our school trip subjects, we also have in-house destination experts who can advise you on all the educational school trips we offer. All of our destination experts have first-hand experience of the locations they specialise in, ensuring you can make informed decisions about all of your study visits while putting together your itinerary. 

Finally, if you’re looking to arrange a school trip for an entire year group and wish to cover a range of subjects, or alternatively would like to take a mix of subject classes to boost your numbers, why not consider a cross curricular tour? We can tailor your itinerary to ensure all learning outcomes are achieved for every subject, guaranteeing all pupils get the most out of every school trip.

If you’d like to arrange a school trip for a particular subject, our specialist advisors will be happy to help. You can get in touch via our contact form, or if you’d rather chat over the phone, give us a call today on 0333 920 7396. 

Want to know what our customers really think of our service? Check out our testimonials page to find out about their first-hand experiences.