Secondary School Trips & Tours (UK & Abroad)

Educational Secondary School Trips

At WST we feel that  it is only possible to arrange a successful educational tour with an understanding of the National Curriculum and specialist knowledge of the core subjects.

We offer school trips covering:

We take care to plan your art trip so high school students have ample opportunities to explore visual, tactile and other sensory experiences as part of their art and design learning. Our visits are carefully chosen to support their development as artists, craftspeople and designers encouraging them to think creatively and intelligently. 

Learning to express themselves with creativity, confidence and effectiveness not only provides students with superb skills in English and Drama but also serves them well for life. Our trips provide a firm foundation on which to build and grow those skills in stimulating and challenging environments. 

‘History fires pupils’ curiosity and imagination, moving and inspiring them with the dilemmas,choices and beliefs of people in this past.’ 

This quote from the National Curriculum is one we whole heartedly agree with. So we put all our energies into developing exactly the right history trip for you. Our consultants take a keen interest in the curriculum and with an intimate knowledge of your subject and destination can develop a itinerary driven by your study theme. 

Each of our travel specialists has a detailed knowledge of your subject, the curriculum and an intimate knowledge of our destinations-we know what is needed to make a successful foreign language tour. Working with you to understand your students’ abilities we will craft an itinerary based around their needs.  

For many cultures religion provides the answer to the big questions in life. For students of Religious Studies, visiting new places and learning about new religious ideas helps them to develop and understand different ways of life and worship. 

Many of our Religious Studies themes and destinations overlap with our History trips so look at our History pages for ideas too. For many secondary schools it makes sense to combine Religious Studies and History Tours. 

Each of our advisors specialise in specific core subject areas so understand exactly what is needed to make sure your learning objectives are met. Combined with our expert destination knowledge we’re able to expertly deliver exceptional tours that makes our school visits particularly successful.