Secondary School Trips & Tours (UK & Abroad)

At WST, we offer a whole range of secondary school trips to a number of fantastic destinations around the world. Our in-house destination and subject experts will work with you to design a school trip that meets your students’ specific learning objectives, as well as recommend study visits that support your current class topics.

We can tailor our secondary school tours to suit specific school groups, with destinations, accommodation options and travel arrangements available to suit all budgets. Not only do we offer plenty of brilliant school trips right here in the UK, but our secondary school trips abroad provide students with the exciting opportunity to study their subject in an entirely new environment.

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We offer high school trips to support the following subjects.


Modern Foreign Languages

Secondary 8 

An unparalleled opportunity for modern foreign language students, the chance to put their linguistic skills into practice can be particularly beneficial for GCSE students. We offer a number of brilliant destinations in France for French students looking to test out their speaking and listening skills, with a number of study visit tours given in French.

We also provide tours to Berlin, Munich and Rhineland, including the Christmas Markets, for German studies students, as well as high school tours to Barcelona and Madrid for Spanish language students. All our trips designed to meet your pupils’ learning objectives and give them plenty of opportunities to interact with locals.


Theatre, Drama and Performing Arts

Secondary 11 

For theatre, drama and performing arts school tours, we offer a number of exciting secondary school trips in the UK. London’s West End is home to some of the world’s best theatre performances, and at WST, we can access some of the very best group rate tickets for schools, as well as arrange group seating for your pupils. Your students can also take part in a number of fantastic workshops to develop a range of drama and performing arts skills, from West End 101 to Song and Dance.

As well as London and the West End, we can arrange theatre, drama and performing arts school trips to a number of other UK cities, including Manchester, Stratford, Liverpool and Edinburgh. If you’d rather go further afield, your students can even experience the bright lights of Broadway in New York.



Secondary 6 

We offer a number of fascinating geography and geology secondary school tours, with numerous brilliant field trip opportunities all over Europe. Trips to the Bay of Naples, Lanzarote and Sicily provide great case study topics for pupils learning about volcanoes, with the locations home to Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna and Timanfaya.

Iceland and Barcelona also provide great case studies for those learning about tectonic activity, however there a number of brilliant UK secondary school tours for geography students right here in the UK. From Snowdonia to Scarborough, our UK destinations cover a number of topics, including conservation, beaches and valley formation.



A chance for science secondary school students to see their subject put into real world practices, science school trips are designed to inspire the minds of your students. School trips to CERN in Geneva allow students to ponder the big questions of modern physics, as well as let them witness some of the pioneering work going on at the facility.

The Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando, Florida is also an unmissable experience for science students. Allowing them to explore areas of NASA, meet astronauts and view rockets, the interactive space centre really brings space travel to life.



Secondary 7 

A poignant and insightful way to uncover the events of WWI and WWII, history school tours to places where many of the conflicts took place give pupils a deeper understanding of how the wars came about. During our trips to the WWI battlefields at Ypres and Somme, we can arrange for your pupils to be accompanied by expert guides who can offer your students a wealth of information about the events that occurred.

School visits to Krakow, Berlin, London and Amsterdam are full of resources for students studying the Holocaust. From reflective experiences at Auschwitz-Birkenau to exploring Churchill’s War Rooms, visiting the locations of the pivotal events of the 21st century make for an unforgettable school trip.


Religious Studies

Secondary 10 

There are numerous fantastic locations for religious studies school trips throughout Europe and the USA. Students can learn about religious persecution during WWII by visiting the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam, or by exploring the Galicia Museum in Krakow.

Pupils can also discover New York’s religious diversity by taking a trip to Ellis Island and uncovering the significance of the Statue of Liberty. Rome is also a brilliant secondary school tour for religious studies students, with religious influences reflected in many of the city’s famous artworks.


English and English Literature

Our English and English literature school trips are designed to enhance your pupils’ understanding of the topics they’re studying, with tours and study visits that support the National Curriculum. Trips to London and Stratford allow students to delve into the works of Shakespeare, as well as get involved in workshops that really bring his plays to life.

Students can also visit the WWI battlefields at Ypres and Somme to get a better understanding of what inspired many of the fantastic WWI poets. A poignant trip, pupils can hear first-hand accounts of the soldiers in the region’s museums.


Business Studies

Business studies school trips are a great way for business and economics students to get to grips with their subject. With plenty of fantastic resources here in the English capital, trips to London can help students enhance their business skills with visits to the London Docklands and the Bank of England.

We also arrange fantastic business school trips to New York and Brussels. Tours of the European Parliament are great way for students to get a better understanding of the legislative function of the EU, while trips to New York allow students to get involved in educational workshops on American finance.


Psychology and Sociology

 Secondary 9

Our psychology and sociology school trips explore a number of themes, with topics covering prejudice and conformity during WWII, the events surrounding 9/11 and the many social movements London has seen throughout history.

Budding psychologists can explore Bethlem Royal Hospital in London, the first mental health institution in the UK, as well as visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau in Krakow to gain a better understanding of the atrocities of WWII.


Secondary 5 

An unforgettable experience for classics students, secondary school trips to Rome and the Bay of Naples offer pupils unparalleled insights into ancient Rome. With the ruins of Pompeii and the Roman Forum providing a clear indication of what society was like through history, students can learn about the social context of their studies while exploring these beautiful cities.



Maths secondary school trips are perfect for inspiring students to pursue their subject into further education and beyond. We offer fantastic maths school trips to London, Paris and New York which showcase how mathematics has shaped the modern world. Top study visits include Bletchley Park, the Eiffel Tower and New York’s Museum of Mathematics (MoMath).


Enrichment and Reward

Secondary 12 

Not all secondary school trips abroad and here in the UK have to be designed for a specific subject. Getting students out of the classroom to gain independence, build confidence and foster relationships with their other classmates can be just as important. Our enrichment and reward school trips are designed to do exactly that, with exciting destinations including Disneyland® Paris, the German Christmas Markets and PortAventura in Catalonia. 


Art and Design

 Secondary 4

Our art and design secondary school trips are designed to encourage your students to think critically and creatively. Pupils will be able to draw inspiration for their own work throughout the school tour, with museums such as Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and the Musée D’Orsay in Paris showcasing works by world-renowned painters like Rembrandt, Monet and Renoir.


Secondary school tours to places such as Barcelona and Rome will allow students to explore masterpieces in architecture, as well as study the influence of religion and society on the artwork produced throughout history.


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