Italy Support Network

Marco Orlandi & Marinella Porzio – Local Agents

Marco and Marinella have offices based in Rome and Naples and have been working in the travel industry for many years. Over the last 6 years working with WST, they have learnt how different educational travel can be and spend a great deal of time researching accommodation and visits that will suit our customers learning objectives and expectations. Things can change quickly in Italy and we rely on them to keep us up to speed at all times.

Marco works with our Tour Consultants for Rome and Marinella works in the Bay of Naples. They support our Tour Consultants in planning your itinerary and booking all the visits, accommodation, guides and restaurants. They arrange your ‘meet and greet’ service from their team of guides, who will travel with you from the airport to your hotel and assist with check in, orientation and help you to buy public transport tickets if you need them.  Their teams provide 24 hr support for any emergencies or questions on tour.

Outstanding tour guide named Sabrina, would seek out her services again if was to go again in the future.
Douay Martyrs School 

The tour guide for the Roman Forum and Colosseum was outstanding. Her explanation and information was good. The students voted this a highlight of their tour because of the information given by Sabrina Vignaroli.
St Columba’s Catholic Boys School

The guide really was the highlight of the whole trip. Our guide, Sabrina, was outstanding in every sense. She was flexible, knowledgeable and friendly. Her approach to the tour made the whole thing so easy – she met us at the hotel, helped us buy our tickets for the Metro, guided us on public transport and told us the best things to do after she had left us. Simply fantastic, all the kids loved her and if we come again I would definitely request her services!Knutsford Academy