New York Support Network

Jason Wood – Accommodation Agent

Jason and his team have built up great relationships with many hotels in Manhattan. We work with Jason for each individual group giving him a brief on location, budget and standard so that he then negotiates with the right properties to give us the best possible value for you. Jason gives us invaluable advice on the changing accommodation laws and new properties in New York.

Garry Zafrani – Local Support in New York

As the founder of Manhattan Walking Tours he has a wealth of experience on the streets of New York. Garry or his colleague Alex will be a friendly face to meet you as you arrive in New York. They’ll take you to your coach and transfer to your hotel with you to help you with your check in. If there’s anything you want to know about New York then Garry and Alex are the people to ask, so they’ll chat through your itinerary with you before leaving you to settle in. They’ll see you again if you have a walking tour of the city too. Garry is our 24 hr emergency support in New York and is there to help you with any questions or emergencies.

New York Quiz

If you want to entertain your students as your transfer from the airport Garry can arrange for your guide to do a fun quiz all about New York city on board your coach and each student will get an I Love NY T-Shirt as a reminder of their trip. It’s a great start to your trip and the learning begins already.