Staff Familiarisation Visits

We provide exceptional tours, expertly delivered and to do that we believe it’s important that our team spend time in our featured destinations. Each year we send small teams out to our destinations for ‘inspection visits’ so that they can become 100% familiar with these locations. They visit our range of accommodation, get to know the agents, guides hoteliers, go to all the popular visits, take guided tours and generally immerse themselves in each location, so that when they come back we can truly say they are ‘experts’.

We are always striving for improvement so on return from an inspection visit, our staff will present what they have covered to the rest of company. This means we can change and develop what we offer to our customers and are always up to date with developments.

You’ll notice the difference when you speak with our subject and destination specialists. They’ll give you real expert advice based on their own experiences.

We’d love to share these experiences with you so here are some of our best bits!