Extensive Support Network

Local Support

The WST team extends far beyond the walls of our offices. We consider our key partners as extra members to our team. Our agents and guides are the experts in their destinations and know their hotels, museums and streets like the back of their hands. They are our local heroes who often go above and beyond to ensure our customers get the most exceptional customer service.


In key destinations we work with carefully chosen local agencies who give us the very best product and service for our customers. We’ve chosen agencies that have the same ethos as WST and keep the customer at the heart of everything they do. WST staff members regularly meet our key contacts at these agencies to discuss the product, to review the year and look at what’s new for the future. In a nutshell we work with people who are like us!

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Guide Services

Whether you prefer to have a guide with you throughout each day or just at key times of the day, we can arrange local guiding for you. We highly recommend guided walking tours at the stat of your trip as this is often the best way to find your way around a big city. We work with people like us who are passionate, flexible, knowledgeable and most of all can bring the subject to life for students and teachers.

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