We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new, bespoke, educational materials designed to engage the minds of your students and to support you both before and after your tour History tour with WST.  

Working with the Migration Museum London, we have created authentic contextualised worksheets that will support whole class and structured groups, guided learning and individual activity. Recognising the diverse needs of students, these resources are question rich, and aim to engage students in discussion and energetic debate. They really will extend the educational value of your tour and complement your students’ experiential learning on the topic of Migration.

There has never been a better time to engage and excite young minds, to build knowledge and understanding and a passion for learning.


When you book your History tour to London, Bristol or Liverpool with WST you will be given access to our downloadable worksheets which focus on three topics:

  • The Expulsion of the Jews in 1290
  • Islamaphobia
  • Immigration

These can be used in class ahead of your tour and then completed either when you are on tour or when you’re back in school. You can choose activities that: will most benefit your students; correspond with the places you visit on your tour; will support your teaching and learning objectives.

These resources have also been designed to help you during the initial planning for your trip, providing a clear and effective means to demonstrate to your SLT, the educational benefits and learning outcomes of your UK History trip.  

Contact our specialist History team on 01253 441900, request a quote or chat to us online to find out more about UK History tours and these fantastic new resources. 


Migration Tour to Bristol

Bristol has a long maritime history and its involvement in the Transatlantic Traffic in Enslaved Africans, makes it the perfect location to study many of the key themes covered in History modules on Migration.

As well as a bespoke walking tour key sites to visit include the SS Brunel and M Shed where you'll discover a host of personal stories.


Migration Tour to London

If you're studying one of the GCSE Thematic Studies which focus on Migration in Britain over the past 1000 years a London tour will pick up on many of the key themes of this module.

Include a visit to the Migration Museum to support your learning along with a guided walking tour of the East End. 

Take a look at a SAMPLE ITINERARY.

Migration Tour to Liverpool

Liverpool is an ideal city to learn more about Slavery and Migration. The International Slavery Museum is a must combined with a guided walking tour including key sites linked to Liverpool’s role in the Transatlantic Traffic in Enslaved Africans.

Find out more about Liverpool HERE