School Trips & Tours to Vienna

We offer the following subject trips to Vienna:

Described as the cultural capital of Europe, Vienna offers many learning opportunities and its’ relationship with Sigmund Freud is a major reason for visiting. The founding father of Psychoanalysis lived here for almost half a century before fleeing to London in 74cae680-ba19-4b26-b844-6f6dbfa3954b after being interrogated by the Gestapo as the Nazi party gained control.  A fascinating city where students can learn more about Freud and his family but also gain a deep understanding of the Jewish community and Holocaust in Vienna.

Vienna Accommodation

We have carefully selected our accommodation in Vienna and our choices are highly experienced in working with school groups. Our options are close to the centre and enable groups to reach and explore the city by foot or by the underground.We highly recommend a Half Board stay as eating out in Vienna can be very expensive.

Vienna Dining

Like any European City, Vienna has plenty of restaurants to chose from, however these are not cheap and so we encorage groups to stay on a Half board basis at their accomodation for the best value. There are plenty of cafes, sandwhich bars etc to grab lunch each day.

Sigmund Freud

Vienna was home to the father of Psychoanalysis for 47 years before fleeing the Nazi invasion to London in 74cae680-ba19-4b26-b844-6f6dbfa3954b. The former apartment and practice of Sigmund Freud is well worth a visits and is a 'must do' visit for students of Pscyhology. Considering Freud, his work and his daughter Anna's work is a key part of a trip to Vienna, and when combined with gripping Holocaust themed learning and cultural experiences, a truly inspiring experience can be created.