School Trips To Valencia

A city rich in history and culture, Valencia is Spain’s third largest metropolis. A superb destination for students to get a real feel of cosmopolitan Spain, school trips to Valencia allow pupils to delve into the characterful Old Town before exploring Valencia’s modern and futuristic museums.

At WST, our in-house school travel experts can help you design a bespoke school trip to Valencia for your students. We can also book many activities on your behalf, as well as your transport and accommodation, so you can focus on creating a fantastic learning experience for your students.

We offer the following unforgettable school trips to Valencia:

Top Attractions

The City of Arts and Sciences

Valencia 5 

No matter what subject your students are studying, school tours to Valencia wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the City of Arts and Sciences. A fantastic experience for science and technology students, this impressive complex lies on a former section of the Turia River riverbed, and is the creation of world famous architect, Santiago Calatrava. Pupils can explore the expansive museum, with exhibitions including an open-air oceanographic park, a botanical area showcasing plant species indigenous to Valencia, a Chromosome Forest, and a Space Academy, to name but a few.

Valencian Institute of Modern Art

A fantastic museum for art and design students to observe and critically analyse a whole range of 20th century masterpieces, the Valencian Institute of Modern Art showcases some of Spain’s most impressive works. The museum’s unique collection not only illustrates artistic styles from Valencian artists, but also has pieces from around the world, giving your students a mix of contexts and artistic influences to study as they explore the museum.


WST language school and the Central Market

 Valencia 6

A must for Spanish language students, our excellent language school partners in Valencia provide the perfect platform for progressing your pupils’ speaking and listening skills during their trip. Your students can start the day with a session tailored to your tour’s itinerary, before putting their new-found knowledge into practice at the bustling Central Market. With over 1000 stalls to explore, pupils can wander the impressive art nouveau building while using their linguistic skills to order anything from souvenirs to a bite to eat.


Our destination experts can help you choose the perfect accommodation option for your school trip to Valencia, with choices available to suit a mix of budgets and preferences. All our accommodation has been visited by a member of our team, and is subsequently visited every three years to ensure the quality remains perfectly school-friendly.

Local Cuisine

Valencia 7 

A dish that has become synonymous with Spanish cuisine, paella actually originated from Valencia. With modern varieties of the dish featuring seafood and vegetarian varieties, traditional paella was typically flavoured with chicken or rabbit.

At WST, we can recommend and book school-friendly restaurants in Valencia on your behalf. As well as classically Spanish restaurants, there are also more western eateries to choose from.

Hidden Gems

Old Town Art & Architecture Walking Tour

Valencia’s Old Town is the oldest and best kept historic quarter in Europe. A walking tour through the beautiful area will take your students past some of the city’s best examples of gothic, neoclassical, baroque and modernist architectural styles. Valencia’s cathedral is also a must-see, as well as the stunning Marquis de Dos Aguas Palace.

La Albufera

Valencia 8 

A wonderful opportunity for students to escape the hubbub of the city, La Albufera is a great place to absorb the area’s beautiful surroundings. A natural park 40 minutes south of Valencia, the region is home to an enormous fresh water lagoon, as well as a mass of stunning dunes, wetlands, and flora and fauna. There’s also the option to take a boat ride in a traditional Albufera boat, offering students unspoiled views of the park.

Paella Workshop

As the home of paella, a workshop making this much-loved dish is a great way for Spanish language students to soak up the region’s culture. Students can learn the secrets of making paella from a local chef, all the while using the opportunity to learn more vocabulary to accompany the day’s activity.

Why WST?

At WST, our in-house subject and destination experts can help you arrange your Valencia school trip from start to finish. From booking your accommodation, to suggesting study visits which will help meet your students’ learning objectives, all our school tour destinations have been visited by one of our team to ensure that our trips are of the highest standard.

We are proud to be a four-time winner of Best School Tour Operator at the annual School Travel Awards, an accolade which is chosen and voted for by teachers. We’re also the only school travel provider to hold a Government Standard Customer Service Excellence award.

If you’d like to book a school trip to Valencia with us, get in touch with one of our friendly travel team today, or request a quote via our online form.

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